At Three Penny Taproom, we proudly illustrate the harmony of flavor inherent in the pairing of honest food with honest beer. The beer we serve is chosen for the artistry and care which the brewers demonstrate in their exceptional products. It will come as no surprise that our food program reflects this same mastery of craft and honor for tradition.

(last updated 07-22 – 16)



greens $6.50 creamy herb dressing or mustard vin

add chicken $3

add seared tuna $5.50

add steak skewers $5.50

cheese, etc.

coupole $9.50 vt creamery, creamy, goat

smoked cheddar $9.50 shelburne farms, cheddar, raw cow

bonnie blue $9.50 bonnieview farm, blue, cow

tasting of all three $14


ploughman’s board $11 charcuterie, cheese, pickles, mustard, crostini

soup & sandwiches

grilled cheese & soup $9 1/2 sandwich and cup of tomato bisque

tomato bisque $5.50 crème fraiche, basil oil

sandwiches below served with fries or side salad

grilled cheese $10 cheddar & smoked cheddar, red hen bread

add bacon $3

il padrino $13 pressed house chorizo, jamón, manchego, sweet potato, pickled jalapeños, piquillo aioli

falafel burger $12 lime pickled onions, yogurt sauce, sun-dried tomato tapenade, greens

fried chicken sandwich $11 buttermilk, aioli, greens, pickles

plates & bowls

fish & chips $14 lager batter, tartar, lemon

cold soba noodle salad $14.50 bell pepper, carrot, daikon, onion, edamame, peanut dressing, kimchi


served with fries or side salad & choice of cheddar or blue cheese

burger $12 aioli, pickles, & lettuce

tpt burger $13.50 pickled jalapeños and peanut butter

frickle burger $13.50 fried pickles and three penny sauce

 add a patty $5

add bacon to any burger $3

add raw onion or tomato to any burger $.50

snacks & sides

soft pretzel rods $8 sea salt and pub mustard

fried pickles $4.50 three penny sauce

chicken wings 3 for $4.50 or 6 for $8.50 choice of ipa hot sauce, angostura sticky sauce or harissa dry rub

hand-cut fries $5

roasted peanuts $3

pickled vegetables in a jar $4.50

hand-cut house fries $7 three penny sauce and caramelized onions


ask your server for today’s offerings

the vermont department of health warns that eating raw or undercooked meat or eggs can make you ill.

a gratuity of 20% will be added to parties of 6 or more. no split checks on parties of 6 or more.