We just got our copy of Imbibe Magizine in, and lo and behold, the feature story on the cover declares "100 of the Best Bottled Beers in the World".  Perusing through the article, I noticed several familiar names, so I quickly made a count, and by my reckoning we currently have 6 beers that make their list.  Of those six, four are actually on draught rather ran in bottles.  So sure, their list is of the best bottled beers, but, really, if it makes a list of best bottled beers in the world it can't be all that bad on tap, now can it? If you're wondering, those four on tap right now are Dogfish Head's 90 Minute IPA, Stone's Ruination IPA, the Allagash White, and North Coast's Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout.  The bottles we have on their list at the moment are the Reissdorf Kolsch and Brooklyn Local 1.

As for why I titled this post "13 Out of 100 Ain't Bad"?  Well, there's an additional seven beers on their list that we have had in here before.

We've been saying all along that our beer selection is world class... but don't listen to us (or Imbibe Magazine), come down and see for yourself.  Cheers.