To start you all know that we’re donating FIVE PERCENT OF ALL SALES TOMORROW (June 6th, 2017) to the VERMONT RIVER CONSERVANCY! To further your education, if you are want to do such things, please you to be going HERE and check check check it out. You probably, by the sheer inclusion of the program’s name, get a good idea of what they’re all about and you, yourself, probably enjoy rivers as well so come on in for a good cause. Also, there’s $1 chicken wings that day so there’s winning all over the place. If you’ve ever had our wings, you know that’s a pretty killer deal.


Second, I’m leaving you.








I’m coming back in about a week but I’m leaving you for the time being. I’m sure you’ll miss me but I’m also sure that you’ll be completely fine for the week that I’m gone. If you’re not fine, this of THIS and everything will be OK (those that read these things with regularity know that I like to Youtubea specific song every night before I retire to the sheets – well, this one has been the one as of late – there’s something about a singer who seems to sing from some ghostly entity notwithstanding from their actual being and she’s basically the poster child for that).




And, for when I’m gone, please you to be snuggling with these that will hopefully be on tap soon for your enjoyment:



Almanac Cherry Picker: you know Almanac, you know how they have sour beers. Well, this one is straight up Cherry.  


Freigiest/Treze (there’s two breweries here – it’s a collaboration) Berlin Mate: a Berliner Weisse w/ Mate tea. This should be interesting. I debated bringing it in but, well, I did. A Berliner Weisse is supposed to be ridiculously funky/tart beer that, traditionally, was even served with Raspberry and Woodruff syrup just to make it palatable for the masses. Well, this is one that’s made with Mate. So, the Lacto character that you get from Gose times ten with a little hint of herbal tea involved.   


Hill Farmstead Legitimacy: a Dry IPA made with Oats.


Zero Gravity Little Wolf: American Pale Ale. Great balance between sweet malt and bitter hops. Technically, it’s gluten removed. We can’t and won’t advertise that but that’s the truth Ruth.


Hill Farmstead Harlan: big boy version of Edward. Drier than Susan.  


Hill Farmstead Susan: big boy version of an IPA. Not dry like Harlan.


Founders Breakfast Stout that I’ve wanted to put back on for a long time and now’s the time so here you go but you already know that it’s a Stout made with Oats, Chocolate & Coffee, pushed with Nitrogen so I won’t have to go into more than just saying that.


Citizen Cider Malo-Crab: What a name. So, this is a cider made with crab apple juice that underwent a malolactic fermentation and then aged in wheat whiskey barrels. You can think about malolactic fermentation in the same was that you can think about the way a Gose is “sour” or “tart.” And then think about that having cider qualities and also qualities of the fact that the product lived in barrels that had wheat whiskey in them, so there’s that.


Hill Farmstead Double Nelson: Single Hop Double IPA. Nelson Sauvin is the hop here. It imparts a really cool almost white wine (think Sauvignon Blanc) character and it’s kind of like a cross between drinking a really hoppy beer and a weird wine hybrid thing.


Hill Farmstead Double Citra: Single Hop Double IPA. Citra has many grapefruit qualities that it imparts into the finished beer; also, not as tropical as people think and it’s mostly like the rind of the citrus fruit when people say that it’s “citrusy.”


Zero Gravity Beer Like A Billy Goat: Helles Bock. Remember when I talked about the difference between a Pilsner and a Helles Lager and I told you that “Helles” means “bright” and that Helles Lagers are just maltier versions of Pilsners without all of the hop forwardness going on in the Pilsnerlands? Well, when it comes to Bock beers, they’re all malty, strong in alcohol and malty (sweetish). But, the “Helles” here will mean “bright” in the sense of the fact that it’ll be lighter in color than other bock beers, which tend to run on the more garnet version of the colour spectrum. Obviously, my computer doesn’t understand English.


Lawson’s Finest Rico Poivre: It’s a Rye Saison made with Peppercorns. Lawson’s saisons are pretty standard; there isn’t much in the way of tartness or anything like you get from Hill. So, the Rye will add a spice to it (think about Rye bread – now think of a swan – what’s the swan doing?) and the peppercorns will, of course, add spicy stuff as peppercorns do.


Hill Farmstead Mary: German Style Pilsner. The greatest beer in the history of the world and if you fuckers drink it all while I’m driving around California taking care of a sweaty and putrid male I’ll cry real tears when I get back. Mineral aspects with the hops and the Pilsner.


Les Trou du Diable Saison du Tracteur: A Saison (straight, no chaser) from Quebec. It’s a lovely saison and if you really want to, buy a bottle of it from our bottle list because no one else is doing that. Really, very floral and airy with a nice spice to it.







That should be it.