Ever experienced what it’s like to sing with a full backing band? That moment of elation is hard to describe and it can be yours at this year’s Montbeerlier, where YOU sing as a part of LIVE BAND KARAOKE. Let your inner rock star shine.


Here’s how it works: you pick a song from the band’s (The Butcher Blocks) catalog of karaoke songs and they call you up on stage. Then, the band plays LIVE while you sing your song. It’s just like Karaoke, without the DJ; real instruments, real sound, real inner rock star coming out for all of us to see. It’s just like your shower when there’s a lot of people there with you, which may or may not be your stock standard way of doing things. 


Signups will be at 5 o’clock for the first set and will be announced by the band before the second set. Don’t be shy. There’s not that many to go around and we wouldn’t want you to miss your calling.


Also, we’ll have talent scouts in the audience and be live-streaming everything on the interwebs so, in case you’re really good you may walk away from this with a contract. I’m completely lying about all of that but, you know, anything can happen.


See you here Saturday!!!



 Three Penny