We were just talking about Exhibit A Brewing out of Framingham, MASS and their beers and how good they were and how you didn’t want to wait until NEXT SATURDAY to get your hands on a couple of their beers all at once.


Therefore (I’m hereby replacing the word “therefore” for the word “so” everytime I want to begin a sentence with the word “so” because I read somewhere that you’re not supposed to do that), THIS THURSDAY, we’re going to release one of the beers ahead of time to get your palates started – like racecars spelled backwards.


We will have cans of Exhibit A’s Demo Tape Thirteen for you to get in you. Their Demo Tape series is a way for them to get beer to you that may not be exactly where they concretely want it, or they’re playing around with different ingredients and getting everything to be perfection. And, their Demo Tapes (much like the actual Demo Tapes of yore – kids, a “Demo Tape” was what musicians used to pass around to people they’d want to hear their music with the hopes that the person listening might have a large studio with a lot of money and that they liked their music and wanted to make them rock stars – OKA (otherwise known as) a cassette tape) are good ways for them to play and you to drink.


Demo Tape Thirteen is a juicy IPA made with local (to them) hops and malt. The hops are rakau and nugget from Four Star Farms in Northfield, MA and the flaked oats are from Valley Malt in Hadley. This will be your Thursday so pay attention.


Also, we’re going to also be also pouring these also beers also:


Lost Nation Smoked Helles: we’ve had on a bunch of Helles recently where I feel like I don’t have to go into the [ok, I will, one more time…Helles means “bright” and was the German’s answer for all them Czech fuckers taking their idea (Pilsners) and making them different and having people want them instead of the German ones – so they “basically” made a Pilsner with less hops and way more bready malty] history. But imagine what you know with a touch of smoke.


Zero Gravity Citizen Zero: This’ll be fun, right? It’s part Gruit (a really fun beer made with basically everything except for malt – so in this case they use gale, mugwort and yarrow (which all have fermentable aspects when heated, just like malt)) and part Cider. They used juice from the Citizen Cider, hence the nod in the name. Finally, it’s fermented with both British (way sweeter outcome than American) AND Belgian strains of yeast. There’s a lot going on here; it’s going to have a tartness that’s more akin to fresh apple juice than anything.


Zero Gravity Kellerbier: next up in the “educate the masses by giving them options of the same shade” thing that I’m doing is going to be Kellerbiers. I have this one going on and then I have another, from Germany, where Kellerbiers were born in a manger. True story. Kellerbiers are, literally, nothing more than an unfiltered and additionally hopped Pilsner. But, they tend to be smoother and have a little less “bite” than other Pilsners, specifically one that’s from Germany because why class?





That’s RIGHT!



Because German Pilsners tend to have a mineral aspect to them that the Czech counterparts do not, good for you.


Kent Falls Solstice: I think this brewery makes good beer. This is a dry hopped Farmhouse Ale. Because this will be the first “Farmhouse” Ale I’ve had from them I’m going off of their Juicemaker that we have on and deducing that it’s a touch Drier than you’re used to as well as being a capital “D” where you’re not used to one either. So, on the dry side of the Farmhouse tip.


Highwater West Meets East: or it may be East Meets West I’m not really sure just yet. Whatever it may be it is actually a Sour, wine barrel aged with a capital “S” and also made with kiwis and kumquats.


Idletyme Danube: the word “Danube” is a reference to the fact that this is a Blueberry Hefeweizen and there’s a waltz by Strauss called the Blue Danube. Most people dance to it at their wedding without knowing the song and if you click on THESE WORDS you’ll hear it and then be all like, “No way, I know that song.” Yeah, it’s THAT song. Oh, about the beer, it’s a hefeweizen, with blueberries in it.