The aromas muted by the snow are long forgotten and we are now in the midst of perfumed life, gracefully flowing through the languid heat, wanting for a victual to match the mood of sunlight.


All of that just means we’re in the season for Saisons.


The style is a really fun one, with a history as thick as the foam, usually brewed (as most things were before the adaptation of refrigeration) during the cooler months and doled out as payment (some times) to the workers in the field. Well, since it’s the time to drink them we thought we’d put some on and let you drink them as well.


And, we figured we’d throw in a really cool pairing as well for Sunday to highlight a Saison that we have in the bottle (keep reading, I’ll get around to it).


Which is awfully nice of us if we do say so ourselves.



Here are some of the highlights of the ones that are either on right now or will be on in the moments after the one you’ve got going on right now:


Hill Farmstead Anna: A FarmsteadAle with Honey. I say Farmstead (well, they say Farmstead and I’m trying to help it along and get it caught on) because of their Saisons/Farmhouse Ales are truly unique and eponymous. The honey addition is a nice hint of sweet.


Lawson’s Finest Rice Poivre: A Rye Saison made with peppercorns. The Rye gives the beer a little dry bite to it, while the peppercorns add the stuff that peppercorns do. Nice and refreshing, this is a gem.


Lawson’s Finest Rhubarb and Basil Saison: this is what you get when you add rhubarb and basil to a saison, you get smiles.


Mystic Table: I’m not sure what the difference between a Table Saison and a Grissette is and I’m not sure I ever will (I do know the difference between a Saison and a Grissette so maybe they’re one in the same). A “Table” anything will be a lower alcohol version of the “original” version with no shortage of flavor, just a little bit more approachable.



And for Sunday:


We’re going to start offering a Bottle of Beer and Food Pairing because Tiffany works Sunday and she really wanted to start doing it. This Sunday, for TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS you get a 750ML Bottle of Four Quarters Fleur Du Lis, a Tart Farmhouse Ale Aged in Red Wine Barrels AND a phenomenal Brie from Blythdale Farm in Corinth with the addition of accouterments, of course.


I made it all this way without saying “Tis the Saison” so, well, that’s a good thing right?