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Can Glasses! Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising!


Seriously, you should take one of our Can Glasses home with you because they’re awesome and maybe, just maybe, we’ll start being able to sell some other glasses that we’ve been using recently when we’re through the can glasses.


[beer stuff]



This is all factual information you may need going into the weekend (if you’re a planner (meaning, someone who likes to plan things out (if so, please teach me how to grocery shop?)) then you’re thanking me out loud (would that be TMOL?)) and beyond because I’m predicting the future here and it’s going to be bright and with many many Game of Thrones references but without the spoilers.


Almanac (for some reason the word “Almanac” is difficult for me to type, you?) Summer in the City: I’m not entirely sure where “Summer in the City” comes into play in a beer that’s basically an Oak Aged Sour (as all of their beers are) with Vanilla and Citrus. I’m not sure where vanilla can be considered “summery” but, then again, I still think cucumbers taste better pickled. So, sour with hints of citrus and aromas of vanilla? Don’t know?


Citizen Cider Companion: Firstly, it’s a Cider and secondly it has sour cherry juice in it. So, it’s undoubtedly a Sour Cherry Cider.


Von Trapp Bohemia: So, we all know Czech Style Pilsners by now (my fantasy is that one of you is somewhere else and you’re sitting at a bar and someone asks the question “I wonder what the difference between a German Style Pilsner is as opposed to a Czech Style Pilsner?” To which you go on a lengthy explanation revealing your habit of eavesdropping only to shed truth light on the fellow patrons who will surely thank you for the knowledge drop, ultimately leading you to thank me (Kevin) in the process): soft and flowery.


Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #6: Double IPA made with Mosaic hops– Mosaic hops are the bastard children of Jon Snow, which makes them a Double Bastard (but not really, they’ll have a path to the throne if you’re an avid watcher) in the eyes of the social drinker. Mosaic hops are juicy/tropical/tastekindoflikeblueberriesbutmorelikethestems.


Zero Gravity CSA IPA: All you really need to know here is “CSA” means CITRA/SIMCOE/AMARILLO because them’s the hops employed. So, a citrusy IPA with a good malt backbone because them’s the Zero Gravity folks.


Foley Brothers Big Bang IPA: Unfiltered Single IPA brewed with Citra and Galaxy and dry hopped with Citra/Mosaic/Amarillo/Simcoe. Aromas are a melody of grapefruit/passion fruit/papaya/lychee/melon. That’s what they say about it and I’ve met them, they’re nice.


Upper Pass Hip to the Hops: it would be amazing like a brilliant sunset ruined by a lone cloud if this name hasn’t been used before. It just seems like it has to have been used. Anyway, I was told (this will be my first sipping) that it’s “cleaner” than the First Drop, which leads me to believe that it’ll be a little crisper with a little less body but not waning in the hop category. Also, new American hops are employed.


Zero Gravity Little Wolf: it’s gluten removed, get over it. It’s also an American Pale Ale with great malty character and a balanced hop profile. I drink this a lot when you don’t see me drinking.


Lost Nation Gose: do we have to? Yes. Yes, we have to actually write a description for a beer we all know and love. I’m planning Indian (I’m allowed to say Indian – I’m an Indian) Summer around this beer and I think people will finally listen to me.


Breakside Stout: OK! “Export” Stout is basically a cross right down the middle of what you know about Oatmeal Stouts and Imperial Stouts. So, it’s around 7% in alcohol, very roasty and dark as the Watch (sorry). It’s a fun beer because, when done correctly (according to the BJCP profile), the taste will match the smell. So, basically, it’s a Dry Stout (kind of like an Irish Style Stout – no brand names needed) but, historically, given more alcohol (read: more malt, same package) in order to survive long voyages.


Idle Hands: Kill Your Idles: A Berliner Weisse made with Blood Oranges. Tart aspects from being a Berliner Weisse with the bitter peel aspect of having blood oranges in it.




Them’s are the beers that you will see soon but there’s others too so don’t be surprised when you see something that I haven’t mentioned – or, how about you act surprised because that’ll be funner.




Good luck!