We’re doing this thing right now that you should be made aware of because it’s pretty awesome and so are you but don’t get too comfortable, I was just making sure I didn’t end this sentence with a preposition.


Known in some circles as a “Fire Sale,” which is the same circle that calls a “Garage Sale” a “Tag Sale” so their intention is questionable. We’re trying to move some of our bottle inventory so that we can bring in some new things and have those for you instead of the ones we have right now; it’s kind of how things work.


Therefore, the following 750 milliliter bottles can be YOURS at a very much so discounted price because you should come in a share a bottle with someone you love or someone you just met, it makes no difference, the effect will be the same.  


Brasserie Dupont – Dry Hopped Saison (2015) – this is the one where they used the British hop Minstrel, which imparts a lovely spiced berry note on top of the normal Saison Dupont greatness. – 6.5% - $16 - BELGIUM


Four Quarters Fleur De List – Wine Aged Tart Saison – we’re using “tart” here so as not to shock you when you drink it and it has a tartness to it. This is a really lovely offering from our friends in the Onion City. And, the wine in here (Red) comes through as more of a “huh” moment and isn’t dominant.  - 4.4% - $13 – VERMONT


Blackberry Farm – Fall Saison – Blackberry Farm (Tennessee! Who knew!?!) makes some hugely powerful Saisons and this is no different. Get this and pair it with the fish and chips because you should. - 5.7% - $13 – TENNESSEE


Hopfenstark Saison Station 55 – Saison – The straight up no chaser Saison from one of my favorite breweries (I shouldn’t talk about Fred’s Berliners here but they’re ridiculous). His (Fred) Saisons are beautifully delicate and astoundingly drinkable. - 7% - $13 – QUEBEC


Kerkom Reuss – Blonde Sour – the lone Gueuze on the list (well, this list), this siaREALLLY amazing beer that you should probably drink at this price and then thank me. - 5.8% - $15 – BELGIUM


Au Baron Cuvee Des Jonquilles – Biere de Garde – Oddly enough, this beer is almost impossible (almost it seems) to find, even in France. Straddling the line between a Biere de Garde and a Saison I’m running out of adjectives to try and get you to drink these before I start crying because it’s almost like we’re giving these away so you should take advantage of it. - 7% - $12 – FRANCE


Le Trou de Diable Saison de Tracteur – Saison – more words about world class beer that should be drank and you should be the person to do it. - 6% - $11 – QUEBEC



In conclusion, please come and drink these really really really awesome beers because they’re really awesome and we want you to drink them.




That is all.