In this edition of “what might we be seeing on tap this week at some point at the Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier, Vermont,” we should have a good amount of things that might be new to you (as well as some oldies that you’ve totally forgotten about) so, well, to quote some commercial that I’ve seen recently while watching hockey, “That’s fun right?!?”


I should FIRST tell you that our new menu items are trickling in (the food part of why you love us) and if you’ve been hankering for the Soba Noodle Salad again [attention Jeff Baker] then you should get in here because it’s back on the menu.

We have others too but even just mentioning that really quick will cause you to stop thinking about anything but that so it’ll all just be lost into the ethernet.





Almanac Sunshine & Opportunity: Wild Ale Dry Hopped With Citra (sometimes I capitalize things).  Almanac’s sours are really well done and all typical to themselves. They all have this pungent aroma and tart punch; this one will have an additional aroma of lemon peel and citrus that comes with Citra hops.


Hill Farmstead Abner: American Double IPA as opposed to Ugandan Double IPA. Great Balance (as opposed to Great Britain) of malty sweetness and the punch of hops. Considered by many to be what is known in common circles as a “gold standard.” Which, coincidentally, has nothing to do with the color of the beer.


Zero Gravity Biere De Mars: [luckily copied and pasted from a previous time – good thing this is a “beer for keeping”] I could write a very long tretise about the history of this style (it’s pretty cool) but we should work on what it is and then go back in time. A Biere de Mars is a French Style Saison, most certainly originating from the northern section of France, close to the border of Belgium where the kinfolk can’t really stand wine and hate it when people associate France with wine because why can’t they just enjoy their beer OK!?! [I’m projecting myself as a Frenchman there, which is much to the chagrin of Samuel Clemens, my good friend of all these long years] So, it’s a beer that was typically made in France but for sure has Belgian roots as it’s a Saison or it should be said that it’s made with a Saison/Farmhouse yeast. You get all of the good barnyard/Saison qualities in there but the malt bill will feature a little more of a rounded character to it with a darker hue. Think “earthy” while you sip it, it’ll be like I’m in your mind [which I am].


Hill Farmstead Marie: so, you have Pilsners right? Well, most people, historically, thought they were really hoppy and wanted something that was a little bit more on the malt side with a good dose of bready character to it; enter the Wu Tang. Also, Helles Lagers. “Helles” means bright. And, actually, the story goes that the people of Munich thought that they were losing the battle of the Pilsners to the Czech folks who had completely adapted their own style of the iconic beer. So, they made a more malty and bright lager and then challenged the whole of the Czech Republic to a duel; it was called World War II. I just made light of a very serious thing. Don’t read that last sentence.


Hill Farmstead SumNer: American Pale Ale w/ Simcoe (Earthy, Citrus, Pine), Citra (Tropical) and Mosaic (Earthy, Floral, Fruity) hops.


Hill Farmstead Three Magic Letters: an American IPA made with Simcoe (Earthy, Citrus, Pine), Nelson Sauvin (Fruity – Wine like) and Riwaka (Citrus, Grapefruit) hops.  I don’t know what the three magic letters are so please stop asking. Ok, I know what they are but I’ve been told not to tell you. Yes, you specifically.


To-Ol (please put the gash through the second “O” – also, a good pronunciation can be: say “TOE OOL” wherein the “OO” is like the vowel sound in foot.) Gose North: we’re going to be ushering in some really lovely Goses coming up, especially when it gets hotter out. This is a Gose from Denmark made with Quince (really sweet fruit similar to a pear, usually made into a paste where it transforms into tasting kind of like figs somehow) and Sea Buckthorn (or Hippophae (from the genus meaning Hippo (horse) and Phaos (Shining). I’m not really sure what the flavor we’re going to get out of the Buckthorn here but it’ll give you a shiny coat.


Hill Farmstead Nitro Shirley Mae Sunrise Edition: this is the Nitro Session Porter that we all basically know already but it’s made with Milk (Lactose), Coffee and Vanilla, hence the “Sunrise” distinction. Should be like a creamy porter with a hint of vanilla and a bitterness from the coffee. Should be anyway…



Thanks for your time.  And if that doesn’t make you thirstly then I don’t know what will.