Not everything you learned in school is correct, this we know.  

For instance, the Great Wall can not be seen from space, raindrops don’t look like tears (they look more like hamburger buns), Napoleon was actually five foot seven which was the standard height of a Frenchman at the time, we have way more than just five senses (what about thirst, hunger, movement, pressure and itch huh?), bulls are NOT enraged at the color red (they just charge at whatever’s making the most movement) and for heck fire’s sake electrons do NOT revolve around the nucleus of an atom. Jeez. But, you are all very special, that much was/is true.


But the biggest fib that you were told as a student was the origin of Thanksgiving. That’s where I come in, to learn on you.


Thanksgiving actually started because of the Macy’s Day parade. You see, John G. Whosinhauer was working on a polymer that was being tested to make better parachutes. The specific material that he was working with was going to be the parachute for the first ever-flying elephant. No one at that point had ever seen an elephant fly and no one was even sure they wanted to see that happen given the mistakes made when attempting to do so with a pig (hindsight being that fanciful thing that it is). However, Mr. Whosinhauer was a diligent and resourceful man even though no one had either asked him to make an elephant fly nor was anyone paying him to do so.


But, work and work he did. Once the parachute was big enough it outgrew the space that he had acquired and a new spot was needed. So, Mr. Whosinhauer rented the only logical place; he leased an aircraft hangar. Once in the new digs the parachute was laid on the floor and the grommets were being placed in their slots. However, there were more grommets than slots. So, Mr. Whosinhauer began folding the material over and over in order to make use of the polymer versus the equipment at hand. Once everything was in place an air test was needed in order to make sure there were no tears and that the material would hold. When he finally inflated it, it looked like THIS.


Which, was MUCH to the enjoyment of his children who, after seeing the inflated animal, told all of their friends to come over and check it out. They did and then the aircraft hangar was filled with children. Children get hungry. They get hungry very quickly and then they’re in need of being fed. Just so happens, Mrs. Whosinhauer was an excellent cook and, since Mr. Whosinhauer had basically moved into the hangar to work on his project there was already a bunch of kitchen equipment already there. So, she went to work as well with the help of some neighbors and they prepared a feast. Once the food was ready, everyone at and someone shouted out, “we should do this every year!”


Then someone laughed and most people started playing American Football and then other people slept.


That’s how Thanksgiving started.



Either way, we’re actually CLOSED tomorrow so that our staff can celebrate the Thanks and the Giving in any way that they see fit and we hope that you do as well. Our THANKS to you, dear reader, for being so awesome to us and to each other and we will be GIVING you a place to come on Friday when we re-open.



When we ARE open, here’s some of the beers that you may or may not see on our taplist:


  • Lost Nation Mosaic is really good and it’s an IPA that’s made with Mosaic hops so you know that it’s not false advertising.
  • Speaking of Mosaic hops: Zero Gravity made a really great Belgian Style Blonde Ale with them there hops and we’ll have that on so you can get you some.
  • Lagunitas went and made their Daytime IPA (Session IPA) sour. So, we brought one of them in too.
  • Oh! We JUST put on Foley Brother’s Pieces of Eight Double IPA which is fairly highly regarded as another one of those Vermont Double IPAs that you have to try because there’s one thing that Vermont does and it’s make Double IPAs better than I do.
  • And, because we love to be redundant about mentioning things, we also have Hill Farmstead Abner and Lawson’s Finest Sip of Sunshine so you can compare and contrast which is not the same as analyzing and interpreting (pro tip – if you type analyze and interpret over and over and over and over and over again you’ll get really good at typing).



Well folks, I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll see you all Friday!





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