People often accuse me of “stealing other people’s jokes” or “plagiarizing” too much. But seriously, that’s their words, not mine.  

But this week, dear reader(s)(eriously, where does this come from? – I think that’s about the most cummingsish thing that I’ve revealed to “you people” yet – and, now you know that I have a severe addiction to edward estlin) I’m using my own words to write about someone/thing that we all know and love and that surely needs a little more good press to be thrown their way (that’s the thinnest layer of good-natured ribbing that I’m allowing myself to get by with for now).


I think we all know what happens when we have our anniversary. Sure as heckfire, we even invented a word for it and got that “T” next to it every time someone else uses it (which was a very large thing to mail to yourself - I can assure you) or even lets the complete word slip by their teeth they have to pay and pay they do.


Well, it’s Hill Farmstead’s time to celebrate their impending boomerang around the closest star.


Anything that I could write in praise of Hill Farmstead would be like adding salt to the sea or doing something else that is going to require you to do something that really isn’t needed in the first place because the end resulting place already has their fair share of that stuff and they probably don’t need more but, well, it’s always nice to have something nice said about you and maybe I should come up with something else to make my case better than using a reference to the sea since we’re a landlocked state anyway.


But their beers are all really really good and I think you know that. And, those that work up at the Hill Farmstead Brewery are the best in the world at their jobs. There is a really good reason that they are considered and voted as the Best Brewery in the World (let that sink in for a second – the World, the whole of it). I’ve been luckier than most as I’m personal friends with the folks up on the hill and have been able to see first hand what actually sets them apart from other places. This is the difference: passion, conduct and execution. Nowhere that I’ve been is there more care and scientific accuracy with the mindset that the “product” holds the greatest weight. To those that just love to drink beer, you know it’s awesome; the proof is in the proverbs. However, for those of you that are like me and have that large piece of you that’s very rarely impressed then I can assure you that all of the accolades that are directed towards this brewery are not only deserved but also earned.


And, this Friday, we’re going to have a bunch of their wares on tap for you all to enjoy and help celebrate. Stay tuned to social media outlets (keep your metal objects away from those outlets, though. And if the people in the cheap seats could just rattle their jewelry that’d be great) for exactly what we’re going to be tapping but I can assure you (that’s the third or forth assurance if you’re keeping score at home – and if you are, you’re keeping score better than I) that you’ll have a good chance to try a great amount of their beers. It’ll be all day so if you’re here earlier then you have a leg up on the people who don’t get here until after you. And, if you’ve never had a Hill Farmstead beer then this will be your first time.


All that being said: cheers to Hill Farmstead! Happy Birthday!



The other thing worth mentioning this week is the fact that nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.





…we’ll have something on tap at the end of this week as well from another brewery that hasn’t yet stepped hoof into our state before (so this will be THEIR first time) and I really shouldn’t tell you much about it since I don’t want to take away from the Hill’s event but I can give you the hints that A: the name of the brewery is also the name of this stereo system and 2: one of the beers that we will have from them is also the name of that guy from Rio Bravo’s kid’s band and his last name as well unless he’s changed it again.



Other highlights might include but are not strictly limited to:


Zero Gravity Right On Red: so you know all of those times when you’re sitting at the bar and someone next to you (probably next to you right NOW!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH – just kidding – I can see you and this person isn’t next to you but your hair looks GREAT today) says to the Startender, “What do you have that’s an Amber beer?” Well, for a little bit, this will be their answer. I mean, this beer, this one, right here. I was very excite about having something that is hoppy and amber on tap from Zero Gravity (I don’t know if they do this up there but we like to fill in the “o” in “Zero” as an actual 0. That’s a zero.) specifically and now you can be as well.


I was going to go on but I’m looking at what we’re planning on putting on tap this week and all I see is a sea (with added salt!) of Hill Farmstead. So, again, eyes on the media things and you’ll be in the “know.”




That’s it for me today kittens other than the fact that I get to wish my heterosexual life partner a Happy Birthday even though he does not receive these emails because he doesn’t text often which is a painfully horrible excuse not to receive an email. But, Happy Birthday Zak!




I will leave you all with this for it is the driving force behind my reasoning for wearing this shirt today. And I just love the groove to it; I’m not trying to bring your chi down or something.






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