From the desk of Kevin Kerner:

"On the 19th of April we’re going to run five courses under your palates and pair them with different beers from none other than Smuttynose Brewing Company and their perfectly and consistently awesome beers. Some of the beers are pretty rare and you’re pretty much not going to want to not be there.

Tickets for the event are $50 which gets you FIVE COURSES ALL PAIRED WITH SMUTTY’S BEST and the event will take place sometime after 6 and it’s a Sunday so what cool thing do you have to do on a Sunday that you’re too busy to come and have your mind blown?"

From the desk of our Kitchen (a.k.a. The Menu):

Three Penny Taproom and Smuttynose Brewing Company Present:

 A Very Smutty Dinner



Salmon Tartare

smoked roe, avocado, lime, black sesame




Fried Headcheese

salad of sprouts and radish, dry-hopped Luna Moth vinaigrette, pickled mustard seed

Luna Moth



Seared Skate Cheeks

vadouvan spice, calamari, cauliflower, heirloom carrots, beer blanc

Really Old Brown Dog


Levitation Pavlova

orange-date confiture


S’muttonator Braised Lamb Shank

tart cherries, barley risotto, rapini, braise reduction




Preserved Peach Upside-Down Cake

puffed barley, vanilla ice cream

Smoked Peach Short Weiss