Request line is open send all your faxes.  


Well, another trip around the sun are we, dear friends, and it’s time to dig deep (not too deep – this shouldn’t be a regretful or painful exercise) and find those feelings and sensations that coincide with the terms “grateful” or “thankful.” Yes, it’s Thanksgiving time, which leads right into the Holiday Seasons (which, start with Thanksgiving, right?) which, leads us straight into the new year, which means that it won’t be the year two thousand and one four anymore and then you’ll suddenly be a year older and wiser along with the rest of us.


So, in order to prepare ourselves to embrace (you must embrace it!) the upcoming events and meetings, let us do the following exercise. It’ll be FUN; promise.


I’ve been pretty big on similies as of late.


My favorite is “I like _____ as much as Busta Rhymes likes the word ‘YO’”


So, I’d like each of you to email me (or fax to my email – the answer (for you – personally) to the following:


I’m Thankful For ___________ Like ___________ is _________________.



It can be more than only three words. I’ll fill in the rest. I’ll write it down on the back of an old postcard from Waldoboro, Maine and put it on my office wall, that way I’ll just read it out loud. I’ll compile the whole of the sum and let you all know next week what you’re all most Thankful for, it’ll be fun!


All that said and done: We’re giving our staff (and some of ourselves) off on this Thursday (manana) to celebrate with their families and be grateful and thankful together. Don’t worry, we’ll open back up on Friday to welcome you back and so that you and we can be thankful and grateful together, as one.


Aside from that, I think the rest of this memorandum this week can just let you know a couple of things that we’ve been thankful for as of late (besides Busta and well, I’m basically talking about beer – but you knew that):


  • Urban Farm Fermentory: our launch party last Friday went a little better than expected (I’m kidding – we ALWAYS plan on having the greatest time that anyone has ever had in their entire lives ever even BEFORE we’re speaking in hyperbole). And, we brought some great libations in for the beyond part of said event. Stuff like their Blueberry and Ginger Kombuchas, their Dry Cidah, their Hopped Cidah and their Baby Jimmy (which is a Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider). All of which are extremely good. Especially their Kombuchas. They are extra-ordinary (I’ve always NOT liked that word. How can something be extra – ordinary?). Try them all.
  • Zero Gravity Sticky Fingers: First and foremost; I love references to album covers by Classic Rock artists that are known as the second greatest rock group of all time (REALLY polarizing myself on that one). Second, this Pale Ale from our friends up outside of Vermont (Burlington) is made with hops that were grown at the UVM (University of VerMont) Extension Program. They grew Nugget hops and then Zero Gravity made a beer out of those hops. A BEER!
  • Hill Farmstead Abner: we have a VERY limited amount and I usually don’t tell you anything that we only have a little bit about BUT, if you hit us at the right time, then the world is yours.



At the risk of the other beers thinking that we’re not thankful for them at all I think I’ll stop there so they can stop staring at me.




In all seriousness folks, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. So, as much as I can actually be serious for a second (I can – I’m overly serious until you put a writing implement in front of me) I would like to say the following: Thank you all, each and every one of you for your continued support over this past year and beyond. We truly enjoy growing with you, our community, and learning from you. We love you all so very much and we (as a collective – not just me) wish you absolutely nothing but the most gracious of times with the most enjoyable of people.


Cheers to you and we wish you the best.



Talk soon,


ᖁᔭᓇᐃᓐᓂ Taproom.