So last week we talked about something that I have never done before: I’ve never played a game of snooker. I have not played a single game.  

What is something that I’ve never ever done in my life ever as well?


Well, it’s not much but I’m going to tell you…






…I’ve never shucked an oyster.




I’ve been working in the restaurant business (and have been trying to get out of it – kidding) since I turned eleven years old. I’ve done literally everything that you can possibly do in the industry at some point or another. I’ve worn every single hat. But, that said, I have never put that special knife in that special groove and popped the belly off of a fresh oyster so that either I or someone else may enjoy it.


That will change today and in the Wednesdays to follow. Ok, I’m probably not going to be the one doing the majority of the shucking but you better shucking (he he) believe that I will shuck at least one.



That’s right, it’s time for Three Penny to do something completely awesome and introduce you all to your new favorite day of the week. We’re going to start having oysters for you to consume on Wednesdays. The kinds of Oysters will change but they will be fresh and completely “off the hook.”



See you today. Serious, I will, I’ll actually be behind the bar today. I can serve you Oysters. I can even capitalize the “O” in “Oysters” if I wanted to.



So, let’s see…



…we talked about snooker…



…we talked about oysters…



…we talked about Oysters…

What else should we talk about?






You know, second season is right around the corner…




…NO, you don’t want to talk about hockey.



Beer? Do you want to talk about beer?




Ok, I guess we can, just let me get my glasses…





[gets glasses]




Let’s look to see what we have on tap coming up that’s more on deck than on tap right now but well, let’s just see what this slice of paper with words on it reads to me…



AHHHH, here it is…



Oh, let’s talk about Everett, a insanely good American Porter from that Hill Farmstead place we like to talk about a lot since we’re about (we’re? More like “I’M.” “We Are” not talking. I AM talking and you’re reading) to talk more about them since we’re (the Royal) about to also have Edward/What Is Enlightenment?/Legitimacy/Society & Solitude #4 and the aforementioned Mr. Everett basically all at the same time. If we decided to do a “tap takeroverer” then we probably could since we have others too and they’ll be on too soon so hold them horses back there little doggy.


We should also talk about skiing.


Eventually we’ll have the conversation about how I like to be random and how it all makes sense in the end.



Where were we?



Right. Skiing.



Do you know what a Three-Pin set up is? Mostly, in backcountry skiing (free heel – I’m really hoping I’m not offending avid skiers out there with my terminology – I mean no offence and my abecedarian approach) there are three pins where the toe of your boot fits into the binding so that the ski doesn’t fall off of your foot while you’re trying to ski. See Also: Three-Pin IPA from Lawson’s Finest Liquids in Warren, Vermont.





That’ll be on tap as well very soon and you’re welcome but I didn’t make it so I’ll pass it on to the gentleman who does.



Obviously, we have more and others on tap but for this week I wanted to talk about the fact that we’re going to have Oysters and oysters for you on Wednesdays since I don’t often take some time to talk just about good stuff in the food world that we have going on (You are completely missing out if you’ve never eaten here on a Sunday by the way so SHAME ON YOU) and then drop the Hill/Lawson’s Bomb.



Therefore, I leave you with the best quotes that I could find about Oysters:



“He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.” – Jonathan Swift.



“I can’t wait for second season because the hockey is really good” –KMK



“I can’t wait to shuck my first oyster and I hope I don’t put a whole in my hand.” - KMK (also)







GetActionSeizeTheMomentManWasNeverIntendedToBecomeAnOyster Roosevelt Taproom.