For those of you who’ve come to expect hilarity here, you will be sore in two days from the lack of it today. For today, I need to go over a couple of things that are important and we need to talk about them so I will write them in English and then in an other language that many of you will not be able to understand but there will be at least one person out there in TV land that will be able to decipher it and it’ll make that person(s)’s day, which will be kind of like a surprise birthday present for them where they feel special and we all can kind of look at them and think, “good for them, they deserve it.”  

Firstly, we’re about to go through another cycle of Localvore starting NEXT MONDAY! If you’re unfamiliar with how that works: you go to the Localvore website (this’ll work) next Monday and you’ll see us on there (the website – we’re not going to be hanging on your computer screen like a monkey – although, we could if that’d make you smile), you’ll have an opportunity to purchase a $15 gift certificate which will be worth $30 in Three Penny money. It’s a really good deal and we’ve had great success with it in the past getting old and new customers to have some smiles on their pretty faces. However, this time around, we’re also donating $2 FROM EACH LOCALVORE SOLD to go to the MONTPELIER FOOD PANTRY. Because we love everyone and it’s the right thing to do. Ethics are a wonderful thing.


Secondsies, it’s a couple of weeks away but it should be noted that we’re doing a tap takeover. We don’t necessarily do tap takeovers very often so when we do them we try and do them in an annoying fashion (in a good way – like, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it BIG). This will involve beers from THIS brewery and THIS one as well and there will be upwards to TEN of their beers on all at once. So, you’ll have an opportunity to try a lot of them. The event is on the 19th of this month. It’s a Friday and I already put it in your calendar as “DON’T MISS THIS!!!” so that’s what that’ll mean. I’ll be talking about it more in the coming weeks but I figured I would get that proverbial “ball” going somewhere other than where it was when we first began this conversation what were we talking about again?



And now for those that enjoy the language of the Czech:


Za prvé jsme se projít do další cyklus Localvore začíná příští pondělí! Pokud jste obeznámeni s jak to funguje: jdete na stránkách Localvore (to bude fungovat) příští pondělí a uvidíte nás na tu (webové stránky – nebudeme viset na obrazovce počítače jako opice – i když, jestli že by vás úsměv), budete mít možnost zakoupit 15 dolarů dárkový certifikát, který bude za 30 dolarů ve třech Penny peníze. Je to opravdu dobrý obchod a měli jsme velký úspěch s ním v minulosti stále staré a nové zákazníky, aby si některé úsměvy na tvářích hezké. Nicméně tentokrát, jsme také darovat $2 od každé LOCALVORE PRODAL jít do MONTPELIER ZÁBAVNEJ. Protože máme všichni rádi a je to správná věc. Etika je báječná věc.

Secondsies, je to pár týdnů, ale je třeba poznamenat, že to děláme kohoutku převzetí. Ne nutně klepněte převzetí velmi často, takže když to děláme, je vyzkoušet a udělat je obtěžující způsobem (v dobrém –, pokud chceš něco udělat, možná stejně to velké). To bude zahrnovat piva z tohoto pivovaru a tohle stejně a tam bude nahoru do deseti svých piv na všechny najednou. Takže budete mít možnost vyzkoušet si mnoho z nich. Událost je na 19 tohoto měsíce. Je pátek a už bych to v kalendáři jako "Nenechte si ujít tuto!" tak to je to, co to bude znamenat. Budu mluvit o tom více v příštích týdnech, ale myslel jsem, že by si, že příslovečnou "ples" jiné než někam kde to bylo když jsme poprvé začali tuto konverzaci co jsme mluvili o znovu?



Which, typing that out (I had to use my Czech keyboard) reminded me that I was in nearby Slovakia about 10 years ago. I was not good at picking up the language. However, I learned just enough to get us a copy of this song just in the nick of time. I also learned “please” and “beer.” Which, in retrospect and for the next time I’m in Slovakia, I will learn “I’m sorry” more than anything. But, for those of you that want to know; “beer” is “pivo.”


Here’s some pivo for you to get when you come in to watch the Olympics because damn right they’ll be on since I have to get my Judo fix once every four years [side note: will you all help with something? While watching the Euros we all got to see the Icelanders do THIS. And, the Maori’s have THIS. The first of which is just simply stunning, to see an entire fleet of nationals all doing the same movement, together. That’s pride. The second, if you’re not moved by that, well, I’m far more emotional a person than you are apparently. That’s where you come in; what’s something that we can start doing, as Americans, together? Or, do we just chant USA! USA! USA!? Because if that’s the deal, let’s do it better than the other country’s even though they have no reason to chant USA! USA! USA! We should start something…


Anyway, on to the pivo…]


- Zero Gravity Double Down Under Double IPA Made With Hops From New Zealand (THIS) And Australian Yeast. That’s the “Double Down Under” part. They sure make Double IPAs really good up there all the way in Burlingtown.


- Urban Farm Fermentory’s Amalgam is on right now and if you’ve been looking for a cross between a dry cider and a kombucha then, well, that’s exactly what it is so your search can end now.


- Firestone Walker’s Luponic Distortion is another of those experimental hop IPAs from the west coast that goes against the west coast IPA stereotype and isn’t above 6 percent in the A to the B to the V. Think of the tropics.


- Hill Farmstead Walden is one of my favorite beers so I’m not going to tell you what it’s all about so I can drink more of it look away look away look away Dixieland.


- the return (return) of Lawson’s Finest Super Session #2 is imminent, you’ve been warned.




See, that’s how I roll when I’m short-winded.


- Localvore and the Donating to the Montpelier Food Pantry.


- Tap Takeover


- Olympics.



That’s all.





Have a greater week than everyone else!