If you've got plans to come visit us for our third annual cask and anniversary celebration- Montbeerlier Festival, which is happening from 3:00 to 10:00 on Saturday, May 5th 2012- we hope you come prepared to drink some absoluetly incredible casks, as well as our regularly thorough draft list and a few special kegs pulled up from out of the basement.  As in years past, there will be live music starting around 6:30/7:00 and our world famous house-made sausages served right off the grill.  Unlike in years past, when we've all squeezed in to the back parking lot, we've decided to go big this year: block party on Langdon Street!  With the recent announcement of our pending expansion into the space next door (giving us nearly twice as much space and a full kitchen- finally!) we thought we'd continue the "go big or go home" theme by spreading out beyond the Onion River Sports parking lot and taking it to the street.... All of which will make for a completely amazing day of beer and celebrations.  Which should make you wonder: "where am I going to stay that night?"  For those of you who don't have a friend (yet) in Vermont's Capital City (or if you do but when you called them they said "dude, do you know how many people I've got crashing at my place that night?!"), then we've got this handy-dandy list here for you of places to stay, pretty much all within walking distance of Three Penny.  Also, our good friends at Twin City Taxi (802-522-0181) are always offering 24/7 taxi service throughout the area.

Anyway, because my job is to make your life a little bit easier:


The Inn at Montpelier

147 Main St, Montpelier


0.1   miles from Montbeerlier & Three Penny Taproom

Capitol Plaza

100 State St, Montpelier


0.2 miles from Montbeerlier & Three Penny Taproom

Betsy’s Bed & Breakfast

74 East State St, Montpelier


0.2   miles from Montbeerlier & Three Penny Taproom

Econo Lodge (probably the most affordable option)

101 Northfield St, Montpelier


0.6 miles from Montbeerlier & Three Penny Taproom

Comfort Inn & Suites (the only choice on this list that will require driving)

213 Paine Tpke North, Montpelier


4.7 miles from Montbeerlier & Three Penny Taproom

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