I have a pretty sweet commute, I must say.  

That is to say not many people have the luxury of walking to work everyday. Most people wouldn’t want to and some other people who shall remain nameless actually enjoy the time period when they’re not working to be able to listen to NPR (AFTER they’ve pledged money – without doing so is just robbing the world of Garrison Keeler) for a while and decompress after work or compress before work because that’s probably what it’s called while commuting. I’ve been there. I’ve done the proverbial “that.”


I was raised very well in an area where in order to get to work, driving an automobile was a necessity in order to get there. Even though it was actually and technically in the same “town” that you woke up in it still took forty-five minutes to get there.


But not now: I get to walk to work, a year a round.


And, every day, every day, I walk past an Elementary school. It’s called Union Elementary. The changes in the seasons happen and sometimes they do not make the children attend the school but the building is there nevertheless. Sometimes (usually associated with the first day of school) the Principal rides there on a real horse. I have to say that I enjoy that day. I think it’s pretty awesome to be a student at a school where the principal rides a real horse there on the first day of your year.


This school also has a playground, which they’re want to do since recess for children is a part of education and learning. A very big part actually. It’s rather invaluable. Because work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do and play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do according to Mark Twain and in every real man a child is hiding that wants to play according to Nietzsche. Also, play gives children a chance to practice what they’re learning according to Mr. Rodgers. Those should have been in quotes but I’m trying to not use “rabbit ears” today. Wait.


Well, there’s a host of people who wish to upgrade the equipment of their playground and we’re going to be there to help fundraise. Please you to be clicking HERE to learn more about the Union Playground Project and the event that they’re putting on this Saturday up at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. So, please you to be checking it out and going to see the Dave Keller Band all for a good cause. And, for smiles, don’t forget the smiles.



Smile ONE.



Smile TWO.



Smile THREE.



Also, they let the children play soccer (some of the children are quite good) and there’s no way that I can not use the word adorable when watching children play soccer or futbol. Well, if it was hockey it would be downright criminal cuteness.






Will the children please leave the room, we have adult beverages to speak of and prepositions to end our sentences with and will the rest of you just rattle your jewelry.



Thank you.



Oh yeah, firstly, you can’t be not reminded about the fact that we LAUNCHED A BRAND NEW MENU ON MONDAY AND IT’S AWESOME! Check it out HERE. We’re pretty excited and I think y’all will be too. There’s specifically something on there that people have asked for since the beginning of time and they should be happy.


Adult beverages:


  • Citizen Cider’s Cidre Bourgeois is in the house and it’s still made with all Vermont Apples. Which, should entice you enough to drink it even if it’s named after a Banker who’s probably the coolest banker we know since he doesn’t act like a banker or at least that’s what he tells me.
  • Lawson’s Finest Super Session #2 will be on again soon and we partly apologize for the disappearance for the little bit there that it was hiding. Actually, it was kidnapped. Yup, kidnapped by Vikings. It learned their ways and now I have a really cool knife made out of stone and a whale’s rib cage. It’s a Session IPA. The beer, not the knife. The knife is in my possession now.
  • Foundation’s (Portland, Maine) Afterglow is coming on soon and it’s a really fantastic IPA from Portland, Maine. For sure one that shouldn’t be missed.
  • Idletyme’s (formerly Crop Bistro) Bohemia Pilsner is on and is one of the best Czech style Pilsners available. I should know, I buy/try a LOT of Pilsners as it’s my favorite style of beer (most people know this, if this is news to you then this is the first time you’re hearing about this). Very floral and light on the bitterness level. An excellent representation of the style.
  • Fiddlehead’s Second Fiddle is slated to be in a glass in front of you at a Taproom that you love very much very soon. Welcome about that.
  • Hill Farmstead Susan is worth a mention as a beer that comes from a brewery that just won Best Brewery in the World recently and that includes the whole world. Also worth a mention: it’s an IPA.



Looking good Billy Ray.




Feeling good Lewis.




Until they let me again out of my cage, cheers.



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