Cajun Brunch-Three Penny Taproom 1/12/14

$50 per person…not including tip.

No substitutions or subtractions.

First come, first served…No Reservations.




-Thinly sliced Boucherie made Tasso, wrapped around a dollop of Vermont Chevre and served with homemade yam jam

-Boucherie made Boudin short links, deep fried in hog lard, topped with Vermont Camembert and baked. Garnished with fresh sliced banana peppers

-Seared and sliced Boucherie made smoked sausage served with creole mustard, pickled merleton and quail egg

-Boucherie made terrine-style hog’s head cheese, encrusted in captain’s wafers and served on a bed of sliced red cabbage




-Local Greens and herbs with a Maple Vinagrette




-Fraisseurs (pork liver, heart, kidney and tongue stewed in a rich sauce) with braised pork cheek, served over jasmine rice and accompanied by Lima and butter beans with smoked pork hocks.  Garnished with chopped green onions and pork cracklins.




Hot, fried cornmeal and pork crackling flour medley, served in a cold bowl of evaporated milk, topped with a spoon of homemade fig preserves and garnished with fresh hog crackling.




-Café Cadienne- strong coffee, mixed with evaporated milk, served with raw cane sugar




This is a tremendous opportunity for us here in Vermont to experience what brunch would be like in Lafayette, Louisiana!  Live music, and good times!!