Today I’m offering a chance for you to get away.  

I know that the stresses of everyday life (that’s a cliché) can get you down (another) and really get you down in the dumps (yet another) so I’d like to offer you a tiny ticket out of town; a chance to use the “semi-colon” (why is it “hyphenated?”) of life and further your time because you’re not ready to be done yet (which is how to use a semi-colon (even though it’s “hyphenated”) and because sometimes that second half of what you have to say will cheer up the first half of what you’ve already said/read.

Here’s my weekly joke about punctuation:

A teacher is teaching (that what they DO!) a class about punctuation. They write “Man without a woman would be nothing” onto those new dang boards that they use nowadays instead of chalkboards. The teacher asks the class if anyone would like to punctuate the sentence. A boy raises his hand either faster or louder than the other kids in the class and the teacher (or because the teacher knew the punch line to the joke) picks him to do it. He rises from his chair and approaches the board after receiving the pen-like thing from said teacher.

The boy punctuates the sentence thusly:

“Man, without a woman, would be nothing.”

And then the boy sits down.

The teacher asks the class if this is correct.

A girl raises her hand and is called on. She says, “Technically yes, dear teacher, but also, technically no.”

The teacher asks, “Oh no? Would you mind fixing it then?” (For some reason, in a British accent.)

The girl stands up and receives the marker-like thing and approaches the board, wiping the boy’s punctuation marks away. She then inserts hers and marks,

“Man: without a woman, would be nothing.”

But that’s a colon, not a semi-colon. We’ll go over those some other time.

Ok, now I’ve got you thinking AND laughing so now it’s time to insert your happy place. The following song is a great one; probably the best “love song” that I’ve ever heard (besides this, which is the song that my lady and I danced to when everyone wasn’t dancing yet). But, the main part of happiness comes at 3:33 into the song. There you have an entire minute (and one second) of pure bliss. Sometimes I like to live in that minute and let it soak over me. So, listen to the song but also, listen to the last minute with headphones on for sure. It’s only a minute and that’s about how long it takes to make a Bloody Mary.

Did someone say Bloody Mary?

Man, it took a long time to get somewhere this week.

We’re pretty well known for our knowledge about beer around here, right?

Well, if you’ve never had one, we make one of the meanest Bloody Marys around and we put a lot of time into them each week. And, we want you to try them and we wanted to do something a little ridiculous and fun so we’re going to step up the Mary game and start blowing that game out of the water.

Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday are what we consider the “weekend”) we’re going to offer our standard Bloody Mary for a couple of less monies and then we’re going to showcase some out of the park Bloodys that you haven’t seen before within our walls. Things like maple candied bacon, pickled okra, prawns; these are the things you can’t do without so come on, I’m talking to you, come on.

As far as the beer side of things is concerned for this upcoming week I can assure you that we’re going to have a good amount of Hill Farmstead going on soon and for the foreseeable future (I’m VERY far-sighted and that’s your caveat). Also, we’re thinking about changing our name to the “Embarrassment of Riches Taproom” because of the amount of amazing beer that comes through our door each and every day. The Vermont game is at a VERY high standard (I just got back from neighboring states and, seriously, all I kept thinking about was the phrase “Embarrassment of Riches”) and most of the breweries are just simply making World Class beer. Have you tried the offerings from the Crop Bistro? Zero Gravity? Lost Nation? It’s just simply stunning to me what we can offer to you. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the support that these (I’m saying it again) World Class breweries are making available to us; and it’s worth mentioning that to you right now. And I just did.

If you ever want to know what it’s like when the majority of what I have to tell you is basically the whole Bloody thing and the beer and I go on a tangent, well, that was it. It’s not any different than any normal week but I just told you about it so it kind of brings it to life a little. Just like that song.

I’mgoingtojustleavethishereaswellbecauseinamedmydogaftertheoneontheleft Taproom