Boy, have I been neglecting this news feed.  Sorry!  Just to get you up to speed: 

-We have a cask of Berkshire Brewing Co's Raspberry Strong Ale (8% ABV) on right now; yummers!

-Next Thursday, March 4th (march forth?) we'll be hosting a whole night of Berkshire Brewing Co, featuring a bunch of their great brews and another really special cask.

-Our bottle list is in the process of being slightly re-vamped, so come check out some of our new exciting offerings (I'll get to updating the bottle list on our website soon enough).  A few new Cantillons, a couple new Mikkeller's, you know, nothing special (!)

-In the weeks and months ahead VT will finally see (and we'll be able to get) Montreal's amazing Dieu du Ciel on draft, Colorado's Avery Brewing Co, and even Mikkeller's on tap!  You should be as excited as we are.

Happy Friday!  See y'all this afternoon, I hope.