Serving Sunday Brunch from 10 - 4, with great Bloody Mary Specials all day long!


Vermont Creamery, Coupole, Goat, aged $9

Jasper Hill, Oma, Cow, washed rind $9

Von Trapp, Mad River Blue, Blue, cow $9

Tasting of all three $15


Barley Tabbouleh- parsley, cucumber, tomato, fried shallot, lemon $9

Fattoush- romaine, tomato, onion, radish, cucumber, flatbread croutons, lemon vin $9 Greens- maple-cider vin $7

add chicken to any salad- $3 tuna- $5 steak-$7


Egg Sando- birchgrove english, 2 eggs, cheddar, arugula, ipa hotsauce $9 add smoked salmon $2

Chicken Shawarma- za’atar roasted, minted cukes, romaine, tomato, tzatziki, red onion $15

Harissa Steak- pickled ramps, carrots, and red pepper mayo on a red hen baguette $16

Blackened Fish Sando- slaw $15

Burger- mayo, pickles & lettuce, choice of cheddar or blue cheese $13 double $15 - add bacon $2 - add heirloom tomato $1 - add fried egg - $2

Brunch Burger- roast garlic hummus & tzatziki $15

Large Plates

Chicken & Waffles- belgian beer waffle, bourbon aged maple, & hotsauce $15

French Toast- blueberries, bourbon-aged maple, & ipa whipped cream $13

Lamb Kebabs- garlic-tahini sauce, corn and cherry tomato salad $16

Charmoula Roasted Striper Collar for two- side salad, minted pea puree $22

Beni- birchgrove english, poached egg, grilled tomato & baby fennel, hollandaise $16

Steak ‘n Eggs- 8oz. local ribeye, 2 eggs, homefries, marrow butter $20

Snacks and sides

Chicken Wings- buttermilk fried, ipa hotsauce or hard cider bbq 3 for $5 or 6 for $9

Kale Spanakopita $9

Kataifi-Wrapped Shrimp $12

Homefries $7

Fries $6

Roasted Peanuts $3


Dirty Blondie- beer, pretzels, pecans, w/ beer caramel $6

Buttermilk Panna Cotta- lime, strawberries, basil $7


The vt dept of health warns that eating raw or undercooked meat or eggs can make you ill