Harvest Beer Dinner w/ Zero Gravity:  

Kuri Squash Soup (smoked bourbon-aged maple, crème fraiche, spiced pumpkin seeds, fried leek).


Baby Kale & Frisee Salad (butternut & spent grain croutons, puffed barley, Bayley Hazen, beer vinaigrette)


Coal-Roasted Eggplant (lime pickled onion, herbs, yogurt dressing)


Grilled Oyster w/ Beer Mignonette


Beer-Glazed Fresh Ham (savory wild mushroom oats, shaved root vegetable salad)


Black & Tan Whoopie Pie (chocolate stout cake, pale ale marshmallow filling)


Sunday, October 18th, in the evening, for $60.









I’m just leaving that there for a second and “pausing.” That’s why there’s space between the previous words and these ones; that’s how writers create “pauses”…
















…with space.















So, what you should know about the above is the fact that we’re doing a beer dinner with Zero Gravity (showing a BUNCH of love for them recently, no?) and it’s on October 18th, in the evening (that means 6:30ish) and that’s a Sunday. And, for $60 you get all of the food that you just read about all paired with a beer from Zero Gravity. Some will be the mainstays and some will be some crazy stuff they’ve put aside for us or we’ve put aside for you. All of the beers with be paired, expertly.


If that sounds like something you’d want to find yourself at during that time period, please you to be going to our website (www.threepennytaproom.com) and sign up. There’s only 30 seats available so if I was you I’d do it more quickly than you think you should.






That was the important news that I had for you today.



The following is also important but that kind of took precedence over the other things (blasphemous! (has anyone picked up on the fact that I have generally eleven or so people living inside of me at any one moment and my use of parentheses is basically one of those people (at a time (wait your turn!)) either correcting me or including some sort of piece of information that explains the facet better than (apparently) I am already doing? Because, that’s exactly what’s happening. I really do type faster than I think and I sure as heck fire type faster than I speak (if you knew him, he’s right) so it’s basically just whatever’s going on up there. (that link is not really safe to view at work but that’s the earworm presented whenever someone says something like, “I wonder what’s going on in your head”)) so now we get to talk about beer.




We’ll have Frost Beer Works on soon. I’ve liked what I’ve had in bottle form so I wanted to share it with you so you can drink it too, on draft. That’ll be good.


We’ll also have a really cool cider from Citizen Cider that’s dry hopped with New England Cascade hops from local hop farms which apparently is where New England is located.


Also, we will be pouring Double Galaxy from Hill Farmstead which is a Double IPA made with Galaxy hops.


And if you wanted to try the Double IPA collaboration between Lawson’s Finest and Otter Creek known in common circles (which you’re now a part of!) as “Double Dose” then you will get your chance soon. You’ll have to use the secret password (the password is: “Double Dose please”).


And there’s a couple of others too but we already talked about them last week and I don’t really like to chew the same piece of cabbage twice so you’ll have to ask me again so I can repeat myself.





Also, if you visited the Taproom yesterday and saw me behind the bar wearing a Capital’s Jersey, please be advised that it was because I lost a bet. I bleed orange and black. Literally, it’s like that Shylock line (and he just showed his Shakespeare nerd hand). If you prick me, I would bleed orange and black. But, I’m not very ticklish (and if anyone got THAT reference then you’re right there with him on being a Shakespeare nerd).



That’s about it folks. Go to our website and sign up for the dinner. It’s going to be a blast.



And now we do the dance of joy.






Happyopeningday! Taproom