Hello again, and welcome to Beer ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), formerly known as "Last Week in Beer." We've revamped and retooled, and we're here to tell you about all the cool stuff you missed in the beer world if you tuned out for the last little while! As always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and please let us know if we've missed anything! Analyzing Budweiser's Hypocritical, Anti-Craft Beer Super Bowl Ad [paste] - "SHOTS FIRED"

How craft beer is fighting back against Budweiser’s belligerent Super Bowl ad [Washington Post] - "If you aren't drinking a beer for taste, what are you drinking it for?"

The Top Brewers In The World [RateBeer] - As we mentioned on Facebook, VT's got three breweries on the 2015 list!

A Brief History of IPA [Guardian] - "It’s been a funny old journey: a beer that was invented in Britain for the Indian market, was revived by Americans and then copied by brewers in Britain."

The 7 flavor categories of beer: What they are, how to pair them [Splendid Table] - "(This) profiling system separates beer into seven categories -- crisp, hop, malt, roast, smoke, fruit and spice, and tart and funky -- and is used nationwide to help drinkers understand what's in their glasses."

What did we miss? What kind of stories would you like to see? Let us know and make sure to tune in for the next installment of Beer ICYMI!