You should know that we give our staff off on Thanksgiving so that they may continue the tradition of sitting around all day and playing epic, longwinded games of Risk and drinking good beer and eating Stove Top. So, we will not be open on that day. However, it did occur to me that something goes perfectly with you being home for the holiday and me playing epic, longwinded games of Risk:  




You knew that was coming from the lack of creativity being generated by the brain computer today, right?


What more, something about beer that you may not consider when you’re in our shop is the bottles that we carry. Our list is pretty fun and very Saison heavy, which is great when you’re in the mood for a Saison and we don’t at present have one on the draft list. At the end of the year we’re going to be doing a bottle sale to allow ourselves a refresh of the system and to get you these bottles at a discounted price.


But for now, why not come in a get a bottle to share?


I have one up my sleeve that’s ruining my shirt because the bottles are the same size as wine bottles but they have been in them and shoving a bottle up my sleeve is stretching the shirt out.


It’s an absolutely lovely sour made by Cascade Brewing in Oregon. It’s aged for seven months with 200 pounds of cranberries, hibiscus, sweet orange peel and Thai cinnamon. They don’t make beers more perfect for Thanksgiving than this one. It literally screams Thanksgiving, so much so that I’ve seen a therapist because I thought I was hearing voices but it was just the beer talking, literally.


So when you’re in the shop (Three Penny Taproom 108 Main Street Montpelier Vermont USA), why not try out a bottle to share?


Here are some highlights:


Brasserie Dupont – the eponymous Saison, dry hopped. The word “horse blanket” was basically entered into the lexicon of words used to describe beers because of this beer.


Hopfenstark Saison Station 55 – an incredible Saison from our friends up el norte. Super dry and with a little less funk but more drinkability, this is a wonderfully surprising and refreshing beer.


Echt Kriekenbier – a wonderful Kriek (sour ale made with cherries, which is the predominant flavor of the beer) that’s sure to suit the time when you’re looking for a beer made with cherries.



That’s the thing, we have bottles and they’re awesome to share with friends so why not consider it?



Just a suggestion…



I’m not going to “should” on you…






I hope the day finds you well and smiling lots.