Happy Summer! Let’s break the Internet, shall we?

First, click HERE and get this going on in the background, because it’s going to help.

Got it?



So, since it’s officially summer (unless you pay attention to solstices and equini (that’s got to be what the plural of “equinox” is, right? Or is it just equinox in the same way that aircraft, deer, fish, moose, offspring, sheep, species, salmon and trout don’t change?) Actually it would be more in the vain that alumni, rhinoceri, hippopotami, computer viri, bacilli, acini, eropitagi, incubi, syllabi, nuclei, zygomatici and fungi) then you still have to wait a little longer to have your fires and please invite me because I love them) I found it only fitting to discuss the one thing that everyone is thinking about now that the warmer weather is here and making our clothes smaller in their lengths.

This is where we break the Internet.

THIS is what immediately comes to mind when I think about the start of summer. Go ahead, click on the “THIS” over there or you can just choose that one because they’ll basically take you to the same place, take you to the same land, let you forget all that hurts you and lets you understand the plan.

That’s where we get to be fun. Now, whenever I click on that link or even go to that page, the advertisers (the ones who are actually making money from you) put two or three advertisements (regardless of how you pronounce that word – but, since there’s an “e” in there between “advertis” and “ments” I’m pretty sure how it’s supposed to be pronounced) on the page that you just went to in a sneaky fashion. However, because I look up what I look up in my spare time (don’t have none), these ads are tailored towards me. On the right there’s one for a backpack company because I have an obsession with backpacks and I’m insanely picky so I look at a lot of them and there’s one (an ad) on the top of the page that is relating to the fact that I’m shopping online for new shorts and one of the companies that I was looking into just so happens to sell shorts.

Here’s where it happens. Email me (kevin@threepennytaproom.com) what you see and I’ll start researching the hell out of those suggestions. That way, my advertisements will change and now that you know what I’m looking at in my spare time (still, have none), yours will as well. This kind of cross utilization is what makes my teeth show through my lips.

Give it a shot. What could go wrong?

In related sequences or if you simply want me to get on with your life and talk about beer and food, here’s what we’re pouring now and will be pouring soon and have been pouring in the past and we love you so here are some things to keep in mind that we have for you out of love:

- Hill Farmstead SumNer: Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic hops are used. They do something to the finished product. That something is nice.

- Founders NITRO Rubaeus: Raspberries. Nitro. Pour. Glass. Good. Sip. Happy.

- Idletyme Blue Danube: In a world where blueberries exist in the same territory as Hefeweizens, sometimes a time comes around where they love each other and make babies. Beer babies.

- Stone Corral Kolsch: Kolsches (what's the plural'd rule of that one?) are great; they’re a Lager that wants to be a Ale but I think I got that backwards. Either way, it’s a really refreshing Ale that does time as a Lager. Hard time.

We have others. They aren’t being mentioned because they’re in time out right now.

Happy Wednesday!

Idon’tthinkilookgoodintealbutwhatevsbtwlolttfn Taproom