Cheese, etc

Vermont Creamery, Bonne Bouche, sheep, aged $10

Shelburne Farms, Smoked cheddar, raw cow $10

Blue Ledge Farm, Middlebury Blue, raw cow $10

Tasting of all three $16

Ploughman’s Board- country pate, pub mustard, pickles, crostini, cheese $12


Soup & Salads

Tomato Bisque- crème fraiche, basil oil $6

Green Salad- creamy herb dressing $7

add chicken- $3 add steak skewers $6



Grilled Cheese- red hen whole grain bread, cheddar $11 add bacon $3

½ Grilled Cheese & Soup $10

Burger- mayo, pickles & lettuce, choice of cheddar or blue cheese $13 double $18 - add bacon $3

 Brunch Burger- bonne bouche and compote $15

Falafel Pita- greens, tomato, pickled veg, yogurt sauce, tahini sauce $15

Steak Sandwich- marinated steak, beer fondue, sautéed onions on a sub roll $15

Large Plates

French Toast-red hen bread, whipped cream, bourbon maple syrup $10

Loaded Homies- home fries, ?, 2 eggs, smoked cheddar $12

Vegetarian Frittata with side salad $12

Soba Noodle Salad- peanut sauce, edemame, daikon, carrot, onion, kimchee $16

Snacks and Sides

Chicken Wings- either ipa hotsauce, angostura bitter sauce, or harissa 3 for $5 or 6 for $9

Fries $6

Poutine $10

Roasted Peanuts $3


The vt dept of health warns that

 eating raw or undercooked

meat or eggs can make you ill