I have to be serious this week (I’m always serious) as there’s a lot to do to get ready for Montbeerlier this Saturday (you’re coming right?). So, here goes:  

  • Our new menu launched on Monday. It’s probably the greatest thing you’re going to see all day so you should probably go HERE and check out the whole thing but you should also keep reading and read the words “three different boards of goodness to choose from, three new sandwiches, cold soba noodle salad, poutine, fried oysters and now you have three different ways to enjoy our chicken wings.”
  • Montbeerlier is Saturday from 3-9 and we’re taking over Langdon Street this year. Here’s the sub texts:
    • Pulled Pork Sandwiches or Falafel Sandwiches
    • Live Music during the whole event and featuring the yacht rock musings of The Full Cleveland (as well as the band Crushed Out and Xavier of Buch Spieler fame spinning records to remind you that you should shop at Buch Spieler because they’ll be open and you should stop in and say “hi” and then get some great vintage gear as well from The Get Up), which is a reference to something but I’m not versed in what it is yet
    • Casks (Zero Gravity/Stone Corral/Citizen Cider/Champlain Orchards/Hill Farmstead/Lawson’s Finest Liquids/Von Trapp/Lost Nation/Northshire/more and more and more)
    • Specialty Drafts both inside and out (Alpine Hoppy Birthday/Focal Banger/Cigar City/2015 KBS/2016 KBS/Anna/Brother Soigne/Convivial Suarez/more and more and more)
    • Something that we take great care of is your safety and we also realize that being responsible is a thing as well so we’ve teamed up with the great people at Green Cab Vermont (802-864-2424) for this year’s festival. SO, what that means is that during Montbeerlier (3-9 on Saturday) if you would like a cab ride, just call the above number and mention that you’re coming from Three Penny and you’ll get 5% off of the fare rate. We love you and we want you to be responsible. And, we’re kind of responsible for you so we’re giving you an opportunity to save a little on a great cab service.
  • I don’t like lists.
  • That’s a lie, I make lists for everything and then I get to the store and remember something on the way to the store and don’t write it on the piece of paper reused from a receipt from a previous store so when I finally get to the store I’ve forgotten what it was I was supposed to write on the piece of paper and now I’ve forgotten why I went to the store in the first place and:
  • Now I don’t like stores.
  • And now I really don’t like lists.



Ok folks.



That’s it. Our new menu is awesome, we have Montbeerlier this Saturday and I’m really kind of too busy to be creative. I’m sorry I let you down, again.


I’ll make it up to you next week when I’ve recovered.



But until then (still),




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