I’m starting this week with offering a reward that comes with absolutely zero prize. However, if someone wins said reward (prize) then winning the kitty will basically mean that you’re the greatest human in the world according to me and that must mean something right? Ok, maybe “reward” isn’t a good word for it so let’s just call it a “prize” since I’ve already overused that word so we might as well go with it, OK?  



I only know of two songs in the entire lexicon of my brain when it comes to music that either mention dogs or are specifically about dogs. I love dogs. I’m what you can call a “dog person” which probably means when I’m reincarnated I’ll come back as one and hopefully I’ll have a pretty good human to hang out with and sleep on their floor.


First song: THIS. (And, now I know that you can’t listen to The Beatles (with an “A!”) on YouTube (which, if you’re a frequent reader of these, you’ll understand the weight I put on being able to use the Tube that is You as well as the shock with which using that Tube so much and never having learn that fact brings).


Second song (Rest In Peace): THIS.


Both are two of my favorites, absolutely.



BUT, therein lies the rub Batman; are there any OTHER songs that are about dogs? Like, as in, those songs were written ABOUT dogs. As in (still?), “Hey, here I am sitting at my piano (common theme apparently) while my faithful canine is napping (other common theme) at my feet, maybe I should write a little ditty about him/her? She/he sure do mean a whole bunch to me and writing a song about them will appear like I’m actually writing something poignant about topical society when really I’m just singing a song about a canine who is simply a representation of what’s good in the world if I stare at them long enough.”


That’s the task.


Please email me (myname@threepennytaproom.com - my name = Kevin) and let me know which songs are YOUR favorites that are written about dogs. This is my dog (that’s not what my dog looks like and we (the people who named my dog) meant no disrespect to Mrs. Carter Cash by naming our dog after her – quite the contrary, we named her that because we love Mrs. Carter Cash and wanted to pay tribute to her (also, her intention was to be our “Darlin’ Companion” but she was a female when we met her so we had to go with June Carter) – which is hilarious that she has a dog friend named Johnny who she loves to play with and chase around).


All of that aside: let’s talk about some of the beers that you may see on our taplist coming up soon that has absolutely nothing to do with dogs whatsoever:


  • Founders reDANKulous is going to come on soon and here’s what I can tell you about it: it’s an Imperial India RED Ale. If you know beer well enough to know all of those words in relation to beer then you’ll get a pretty good indicator on how the beer will taste. If not, then let me tell you that it’s higher in alcohol, hoppy, amber in color (with a little bit of caramel notes due to the use of roasted malt in the mash in order to make it amber) and will be an Ale.
  • Shackbury Dabinet is a wonderful cider that’s been naturally fermented by nature. That’ll make it slightly tarter or funkier than you’re used to and then we’ll both drink it and smile at each other slyly, which is an awesome word to write.
  • Lawson’s Finest PERIL (AAAAAHHHHHH!) will also come on soon if any of my plans actually go the way that I’ve wanted them to for once in their lives.
  • Zero Gravity Little Wolf will be an American Pale Ale that’s under 5% and delicious and there’s a secret about it that I can’t tell you but if you ask me in person, I’ll gladly tell you.
  • We have finally started calling Crop Bistro their new name so when you see “Idletyme Oatmeal Stout” on our boards you can rest assured that it’s the same high quality Oatmeal Stout that you’ve come to expect from Crop Bistro but they’ve changed their name so that’s what that’s all about.
  • And, we’ve secured some Lost Nation Vermont Pilsner recently and will be pouring it because we have it and we love it. So, there.



Oh, I should probably tell you that I’m not excepting Snoop Dog’s entire catalog as a song written about a dog. I’m speaking literally, not in slang or figuratively. Meaning, if I call my friend my “dog” as we used to back in the days when we were young we’re not kids anymore but some days we sit and wish we were kids again and write a song about him/her then that’s NOT what I’m looking for with this contest. And, I guess it just became a contest. So, that means I’ll have to offer a prize. Ok, there’s a prize now.


That escaladed quickly.



I should probably go now.





TatafornoworTTFNforshortwhichisfunnybecauseIjustlearnedwhatTYmeant Taproom


Post Script: that second song might not have been written about a dog. But, for the sake of argument, there’s a line (one of eight) that is, in fact, about a dog. It is one of my most favorite songs of all time and I hope you all enjoy it. I am well aware that the song is basically a Chekov-esque slice of life (kind of – more like yearning love) and most people who will over analyze lyrics that are otherwise subjective to the author will probably think Clara is a cat but it’s a dog I says.