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Firkin Thursday

5 Percent to the Food Bank as well...

I hope you know, in addition to the Firkin (YES! We have a Firkin, not a PIN!) of Lost Nation Keller Pils (their unfiltered and dry hopped (with Mandarina Bavaria Hops) Pilsner), we’re also donating 5% of our daily sales to the Vermont Food Bank for tomorrow’s Beer Advocate Throwdown.  

I know that’s a lot to consider so let’s just break it down:


- It’s tomorrow, Thursday, the 26th of January in the year Two Thousand and Seventeen.

- It’ll basically be all day but I think we’ll tap the cask (the Firkin that is to say) at 3 or so and the Beer Advocate folks will be arriving in the evening-ish.

- Beer Advocate will be in the house.

- We will have a Firkin of Lost Nation’s Keller Pils dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops and it will be a beer you’re going to want to drink.

- We will have other special drafts to celebrate with you as well.

- We’re donating 5% of our Daily Sales to the Vermont Food Bank because that’s what you should do.

- You’re invited.

- So, you should come.



Also, we are TOTALLY CLOSED THIS SUNDAY because that’s the day we’re doing our Staff Party and exchanging the “Secret Santa” gifts that we got each other. I, personally, have been waiting way too long to give my gift to my secret reverse Santa or whatever you call it, since in this situation I would be considered the Santa and they would be the child. But, they’re not a child, they are a fully grown human.


Other things that we’ll have on for you include but are not limited to:


- Hill Farmstead Florence: a Wheat Saison that you want to drink.

- Smuttynose Smuttlabs Orville: a Single Hop Saison (Falconer’s Flight is the name of the hop) that’s drinking probably better than you’re expecting and your expectations are high.

- Lost Nation Roll Away: a fantastic IPA from our friends that are sending us a cask. It really is impressive.



Others and others to mention but it’s hard to predict what to tell you about that won’t be on the tap for about half a second for the people that have good timing that day.


So, I’ll leave you with a “good on ya” and “see you soon.”


Also, I’ve been listening to THIS non-stop.




The Throwdown, Advocate...

I was going to be really funny and create a link to Pinterest (I think that’s what it’s called) because the pun was there to allow you in the information that we’re going to have a pin (a smallish firkin or cask) from Lost Nation NEXT THURSDAY to celebrate the arrival and hang time with BEER ADVOCATE (you may have heard of those guys and gals) as well as some rarities from the basement but I had to create an account with Pinterest and that’s not something I want to do, so you’re just going to have to manually be informed without pun that we’re going to have a PIN FROM LOST NATION NEXT THURSDAY TO CELEBRATE SOME HANG TIME WITH BEER ADVOCATE.  

For those of you on that site, please “pin” it. I think that’s how it works, no?


So, yeah, the preeminent beer review site (and magazine) will be in the house, ready to hang and talk to all of you who know their beers. You may have heard of them before; they’re known as Beer Advocate. Well, they’ve become pretty good friends throughout the years and they wanted to come up and be around so we felt it necessary to bring some tasty treats in to share with them and you. Most notably, a Pin of Lost Nation Pilsner, kellerbier style. Also, we may just also have another pin (dueling PINS!) from Upper Pass as well. But I’m not sure which one that’s going to be so let’s keep that between you and me. I’ll also bring some aged offerings from the basement so we’ll have those too.


For the time period leading up to then, you can count on the following:


- Hill Farmstead Florence: they make Saisons very well. This one has wheat regardless of how you say “wheat.”


- Lawson’s Finest Fayston Maple Stout: they make Imperial Stouts with Maple very well, regardless of how you say “maple.”


- Brooklyn 2010 Monster: let’s see how this massive Barley Wine has aged. I’m willing to put a dollar to the donut that there’s a really good chance it’s delicious.


- Hermit Thrush Rye Barrel Rye: which, immediately made me think of THIS for some reason. And, just as the name implies, it’s a sour rye ale that’s been aged in Rye Whiskey barrels.



And so on and so on.



Short and sweet today y’all; I’ll give you the secondary heads up next week about NEXT THURSDAY!!!



Cheers bud,


THANKSMARTY Taproom (yes, I watched the whole thing)

Upper Pass Next Thursday!!!

I’ve been around the beer industry a very long time. I’ve seen breweries start and breweries end and I’ve tasted their wares in the in between time when they were still making beer. I entered the industry even before I was legally allowed to drink the beer that I was making.  

That is all to say that when a childhood friend of mine, Chris Perry, started the process of opening his own brewery a bunch of years ago I wished him luck with the most whole-hearted sincerity and waited. Not that my opinion or my “luck” mean that much in the universe but I knew that the day would come where Chris “made it.” He’s too talented and too driven not to. Along with his business partner, Andrew Puchalik (who also grew up in the same area that Chris and I did and is just as determined and talented), they’ve grinded and worked hard to make their brand, Upper Pass Brewing Company (as well as a coffee company and a whole array of other things these guys do) a success.


It is an absolute pleasure to be able to have them on tap and next Thursday, the 8th of December, we’re going to throw down with them to show you what these guys can do.


We will have 4 (four!) offerings from Upper Pass including a pin (a smaller version of a cask but a cask nonetheless) of the one that you’re all coming to love since it’s been on tap for a while now, the First Drop American Pale Ale dry hopped with Azacca hops. Here’s what we’ll have in addition to the aforementioned cask of phenomenal dry hopped Pale Ale:


- Cloud Drop Double IPA: expect all of the things you’ve come to expect from a double IPA made in Vermont. It’s going to be amazing.


- Yuzu Buckwheat Saison: the base of the beer is the sun that shines through the use of Saison yeast but there’s going to be a spicy character from the buckwheat and a citrusy aspect from the yuzu (it’s a citrus fruit after all).


- Moove On Up Coffee Milk Stout: NITRO!



It’s going to be a great great day. We’ll have them all on all day and probably tap the cask closer to 3 o’clock in the post meridian, which is completely different than the prime meridian, let me tell you.


For this week we’ll have all the hits:


- Multiple different versions of Hill Farmstead’s series Society and Solitude. We have THREE, NINE and FOUR in house and you’ll see them all soon.


- We’re going to go through another round of Idletyme’s Bohemia Pilsner! I love the fact that Vermont has so many great examples of the classic style to choose from. We will always have one on tap and we like to show you what these great breweries are putting out there, so we rotate them. Idletyme’s is a little softer and more floral than the others, which is awesome and good.


- Oxbow Loretta is on tap and the description “Rustic Blonde” is under the name on the chalk board. What it should say is “Grisette,” but since that term is not as well known as “rustic” and “blonde” we went with the other one. Grisette translates to “little grey” and it was originally made for the miners of southern Belgium, specifically the Hainaut province. The term was said to have come about because of the aprons worn by the people doling out the beer, which were grey because of the ore and dust being mined. It’s lower in alcohol and made with spelt, giving the saison aspect a slight crispness.



That’s what I got for you this week.



Tune in Batman, drop out Robin. I don’t know what that means. It just came out.








Earmuffs, for the first part...


It’s all business here today folks. Those who come here looking for something quirky and funny are going to be very disappointed this week; there’s too much to tell you/scream at you.


So, that’s right, we have a really special cask form offering for you on Friday that we’re also coupling with another cider(ah) from Urban Farm Fermentory that’s made with palmaria palmata (dulse to you and me – seaweed for anyone who doesn’t live on the Maine coast). It’ll be great.


That is, if you’re not already at this thing. For those of you that don’t feel like clicking on anything today, that’s what’s known as a “link” and it takes you to a far off land called the internet (don’t be afraid) and that site will inform you about a really cool thing going on brought to you by the UVM Extension Program Hops program. If you ever wanted to see, first hand, how hops are harvested/pelletized/grown/et cetera then you should click on the “link” above and that will take you to that far off aforementioned land and you’ll get all of the information you’ll ever want/need.


This is where I was going to “lead UP” to where I just spit out all of that information above: the season is changing and things are starting to come to the time where we “harvest” what we have to keep us warm in the oncoming change of season (notice I didn’t say “winter” because y’all just can’t think about that stuff right now). It’s the time of year when things start slowing down and we can get into the routines of enjoying the fruits (ping!) of these harvests (double ping!). So, we have a couple of things that you might be interested in to talk about this week. Wait, I was supposed to put this first, huh?


And, there’s some article that I just read about not starting a sentence with the word “so” and how it’s “ruining the English language.” Well, I think text speak is ruining the English language so there!


So, this is what you may or may not see on our taps in addition to the cask on Friday and the cidah(er) made with dulse:


Crop Bistro Belgian Style Tripel just went on and it’s a homer. That’s slang for “home run.” Very true to the style, with a sweet mid-section brought to you by the addition of additional sugars to achieve a warming alcohol content. I confused two different baseball movies yesterday, which is why I made that baseball reference.


If you’re a Hill Farmstead fan then you won’t be disappointed in the 4-6 that we’ll have on this week. Just saying.


Also, we have another round of the JST Saison from Lawson’s Finest Liquids going ton soon so that Rhubarb Saison craving that you have can finally go away.


And, keep us in mind for the week of the 18-27 (who just did the math in their head? I did) since that’s Vermont Beer Week and we’ll be basically pouring all of the beers that are from this lovely state of ours (I own it. Next, I will buy that ocean. Cause I’m a boss). We’ll be bringing you something crazy on the 23rd that may or may not include/feature a bunch of things from Zero Gravity. Ok, it is more may than may not.



That’s where I can stop typing and get back to doing the other things that I sometimes get paid to do.



Cheers Friends! Have a great week.




Yours Truly,


Ithoughtthisconversationhappenedinthenaturalbutitdidn’t Taproom

In related news: CASK TOMORROW!!!




















Hasenfeff Incorporated!



We're gonna do it!


Give us any chance - we'll take it

Read us any rule - we'll break it

We're gonna make our dreams come true....

Doin' it our way


Nothin's gonna turn us back now

Straight ahead and on the track now

We're gonna make our dreams come true...

Doin' it our way


There is nothing we won't try

Never heard the word impossible

This time there's no stopping us

We're gonna do it


On your mark, get set and go now

Got a dream and we just know now

We're gonna make our dream come true

And we'll do it our way - yes our way

Make all our dreams come true

And do it our way - yes our way

Make all our dreams come true

For me and you





Ok, I’m back.




I figured that you would get a kick out of that if you even remotely grew up in the same time period that I did. Or, maybe the television that we were allowed to watch was strictly re-runs, I don’t know. I can only remember “Good Times” and “Pinwheel” and I’m pretty sure they were not on the same channel. That’s why I hung out so much at the Firehouse.


But, Laverne and Shirley really did tie the room together didn’t they. One could say that they “went together well” or “complimented each other nicely.”


We feel that way about us and you.



Therefore, we’ve got two things that we’re going to talk about that are paired very well with both you and us and food and beer and smiles and Squiggy will be here (nope).



Firstly, I should mention that THIS THURSDAY (THAT’S TOMORROW AND I’M EVEN USING MY OUTSIDE VOICE TO TELL YOU) we’re hosting a bunch of good people and good friends from a brewery that you’ve for sure heard of and a brewery that probably has machines that do Laverne and Shirley’s jobs much more efficiently (serious, they look pretty aloof from time to time).




Yes, correct, not a joke, we already did that today, supposedly.



We have a very special CASK and a couple of awesome offerings from them as well. I’m thinking that we’ll tap the CASK (stay tuned to social media to know what type of beer we’re serving – oops) somewhere around twoish and then we’ll serve it to you-uns.






Secondly, the Kitchen (specifically Chefano) wanted to do another beer dinner.




So we’re going to.






On the 19th of April we’re going to run five courses under your palates and pair them with different beers from none other than Smuttynose Brewing Company and their perfectly and consistently awesome beers. Some of the beers are pretty rare and you’re pretty much not going to want to not be there. Tickets for the event are $50 which gets you FIVE COURSES ALL PAIRED WITH SMUTTY’S BEST and the event will take place sometime after 6 and it’s a Sunday so what cool thing do you have to do on a Sunday that you’re too busy to come and have your mind blown?


Make sure you get your tickets at the bar or give us a holler and we’ll sell you the tickets.




I was really going to try and make this whole thing Laverne and Shirley themed but the only thing I keep thinking about is when Laverne is in the closet and opens the door and then Shirley comes in from the front door not knowing that Laverne was in the closet and was exiting at the same time and then the two doors run into each other and then they’re all like “whaaaaaaa?” and look at each other but in the end they look at the camera and then giggle about that unfortunate accident but no one got hurt so it’s not too bad. That’s all I got.



As for beer that we’re pairing with your lives this week, here’s what’s got’s our mind’s eye’s bulging:



Zero Gravity Chewbocka: OMG LOL HERE WE GO!!! No need for alarm. This is just the season where Bock beers start flowing and the ZG does them proper. We’ll also represent the Marzen style but there’s more on that latron.


Hill Farmstead Mosaic: that’s just a really cool hop that HF made a single pale ale style out of and used nothing but that hop. Mosaic hops are more like citrus/pine/earth/herbal/mint/bubblegum/blueberry/lime peel/black pepper (or so I heard) as opposed to this.


Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout: I’m not sure if you’ve had this one yet or not but man, it sure tastes good when you drink it. What makes it a “Milk” Stout. Milk. Well, technically the introduction of Lactose but well, that’s pretty close to milk even if you only capitalize the “L” instead of the “M.”





Ok Angel Face?


Ok, Muffin…




You have to see this.




You’re totally welcome.





Love you mean it.







Onedayi’mgoingtohaveaspinoffofhappydaysalltomylonesomebecausethere’ssomanyofthemimightaswellhaveoneaswell Taproom


Earth Day With Three Penny & Lawson's Finest Liquids

This coming Thursday, April 22 is Earth Day.  Personally, I subscribe to the idea that every day is Earth Day (I've never experienced a day in my life where I wasn't on earth, dependant on the health of earth, and that I didn't find it necessary to be kind to the earth)- but I'm digressing.  We thought it would be cool to do something special in celebration of the one and only planet that offers us the exact and perfect conditions to live, and so next Thursday a bunch of our great fans and supporters will be joining us as we fan-out across the city to do our small little piece to pick up the trash and junk that some of our neighbors think it's OK to just throw around into the streets, rivers, and parks. And in order to give ourselves a big ol' pat on the back for being such thoughtful, responsible citizens, we'll come back to the Taproom when we're done and enjoy a little present from our good friend Sean Lawson of Lawson's Finest Liquids in Warren, VT: a fresh cask of his Blonde Bombshell, dry-hopped with Cascades and primed-up with some pure Vermont maple syrup!  Of course, you don't need to join us for the Earth Day activities in order to come in and enjoy the cask- but I assure you, it will taste 100 times hoppier, sweeter, and bombshellierwith the contentment of an afternoon's worth of do-gooderism (jeez, I'm making up words left and right here!).

And a quick aside here: super big congrats to Sean Lawson, who just won a Bronze Medal at the World Beer Cupin the Specialty Beer category for his Maple Tripple!  Rad!!!

So anyway, if you want to help of clean up Montpelier, meet us at Three Penny at noon on the 22nd.  See you then!



Drink Good Beer, H.E.L.P Haiti's Poorest

We are very, very excited about this Thursday's Smuttynose Brewing Night here at the Taproom.  As if it weren't enough that we'll be pouring 6 or 7 different Smuttynose brews, we've all been as moved and concerned with the devistation in Haiti as a lot of you, so we decided to take 100% of sales from the cask that they'll be sending our way and donate it to H.E.L.P (Hatian Education & Leadership Program). H.E.L.P. is a great program that offers university scholarships to Haitian high schoolers who would otherwise never be able to afford a higher education.  Of course, the devistation from the recent earthquake in Haiti is mind-numbing.  But we're also aware that Haiti has for decades been one of the poorest countries in the world, and in fact the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  Money and resources are obviously needed in their re-building efforts, but as a more long-term solution to Haiti's problems, H.E.L.P. provides Haiti's brightest kids with the opportunity to become highly educated, which in turn helps land them good-paying jobs, which in turn helps lift families and communities out of the cycle of poverty.

Now that's something to drink to.  Cheers!


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Life & Limb On Thursday!

Don't forget folks, this Thursday (December 17) at precisely 6:30 we'll be tapping our only keg of the Dogfish Head-Sierra Nevada collaboration, Life & Limb.  To mark the occation, and welcome special guests representing both those amazing breweries as well as our favorite distributor, G. Housen, we're also planning on having Sierra's Celebration and Anniversary on draught, as well as Dogfish Head's 90 Minute, India Brown Ale, and hopefully a few other surprises.  Oh, and just because we think it's important to go big when you're going big, as soon as the Life & Limb keg kicks (and it'll kick quickly folks, we've only got 5 gallons of it) we'll be tapping a cask of the Allagash Four (a reallly fun beer that features 4 malts, 4 hops, 4 sugars, and 4 Belgian yeast strains!) (!).

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