I was walking around town this morning (Happy Tuesday! Everything’s happening a day early this week!) and sort of got a little gooey eyed (as much as I ever get gooey eyed or even use the word “gooey”) seeing all of the flags hanging around town in anticipation for Independence Day (if you live in America) coming up. Apparently, the World Cup does that to me. And, apparently and judging by the recent attendance of the United States Men’s National Team and for this afternoon’s game, I’d wager to bet that you feel similar. This holiday (if you live in America) is steeped in various histories and traditions and allows us (as Americans) a time to reflect and remember our history as a country. Remember that whole thing I always talk about regarding history and beer going together like history and beer? Well, this evening, you’ll get a chance to meet the guys who wrote the book on the subject.


Adam Krakowski and Kurt Staudter will be present at seven post meridian to debut their new book entitled, “Vermont Beer: History of a Brewing Revolution.” There will be copies on hand to sell and if you’re really nice I’m sure Adam or Kurt will sign their names inside that book. I’m personally excited to read it as, well; you know…I love it when history and beer hang out together. They know each other so well. And, what better subject to have a book on than our own little Republic and its impact on the world of beer. You, dear reader, obviously like reading about beer so you should check it out.


Second on the docket this week is to let you all know that it is, in fact, Tuesday right now. I know a lot of you will say, “Poppy Cock to That!” but it’s true. Usually, you get to hear from me on Wednesday and I just wanted to make sure that there’s no confusion.


Thirdly, as far as this Friday is concerned: We normally close the doors to the Taproom on the Forth to allow our staff to mingle with you at your party that everyone knows about in celebration of Independence Day. Well, we WILL be open. But, just for the 12 o’clock and 4 o’clock World Cup games. So, if you need a place to get a really good beer and watch some Futbol, you’ll be able to here. It should be noted that we did give the Kitchen the day off. So; no food, good beer.


Fourthsens: Here’s some of that stuff that you love reading about, BEER! Here’s what’s either on right now or what’s coming up soonish to the Draft Lines:


-       Hill Farmstead Mary: the guys (and gals) up on the “Hill” (my words) know me pretty well and they let us have a good amount of this beautiful Pilsner. It’s because I love Pilsners and I love their Pilsner. I’m going to say it; I love Mary.

-       Smuttynose FrankenLager: yeah, it’s a Lager but more importantly, it’s basically an IPA without all that “A.” So, hoppy like an IPA but crisp like a Lager. Some would say that it’s an IPL. You could say that too.

-       After you’ve said that then you can say that the Jack’s Abby Session Rye IPL is similar if you add Rye (a bit of spiciness) and drop the alcohol content (session style).

-       Since you’re talking now you should tell me about the Allagash Confluence is all of its Wild yeasty goodness. That’ll be on tap soon and that’ll (I just love using the word “That’ll”) be a really good beer to drink if you like really good beer.

-       Ommengang Fire & Blood: imagine you’re an ancho chile. You just got the opportunity to hang out with an Amber ale with a Belgian yeast. You’re psyched.


As always, there’s plenty more where that came from so celebrate responsibly and be good to each other if it’s deserving.


 Cheers Friends,


The Declaration of Three Penny