I know that receiving two emails from me in a one week seems like it’s your Birthday (maybe it is…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) but truth should be told here and I needed to really attract your attention to something important so I left it out of the “less serious” post that I do and have now included something for you that we’re doing and think you should be involved. I even brought in a guest writer, none other than Wes Hamilton! Wes, you have the floor.


Thank you Kevin.

Hello Friends [takes paper from pocket and clears throat]

[reading aloud]

We'd like to urge our friends and community to visit us this coming Monday, as we'll be donating 5% of all sales for the day to the Montessori School of Central Vermont, which serves area children from 18 months to 12 years old based on the teachings and philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori. The school's mission "is to provide a learning environment that supports the development of a genuine sense of self and social responsibility in our children as citizens of the world." In keeping with this mission and Dr. Montessori's works, the school's vision is to foster self-reliant, authentic, confident, and creative innovators of the future. Anyone who happens to follow me on Facebook is likely quite aware from my posts about my daughter and just how amazingly (and often hilariously) the school's environment achieves such lofty goals.

In addition to helping raise funds for the non-profit school, there will additionally be information about the school available for the curious. And for those of you completely unfamiliar with Montessori, there's also this widely read 2011 Wall Street Journal article ( which raised the question about the possibility of a “Montessori Mafia”, given that the Montessori approach has spawned a creative elite, including Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, videogame pioneer Will Wright, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, cook Julia Child and rapper Sean “P.Diddy” Combs. That article failed to mention Three Penny's own Wes Hamilton, but we're sure that was just an editorial oversight.

I know you like including hyper links; the school is and this is as good as anything about Maria Montessori herself.

[drop mic]

Thank you Wes!

[pause for applause]

Well, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone speak in hyperlink. I don’t know about you but that was pretty impressive.

So, we’ll see you next Monday! All day! Let’s raise some money for educating our youths!


Thank you!

The Three Penny Taproom of Montpelier.