There are two types of people in this world, kids; those who refer to Vermont as the “Napa Valley of Cider” and those that are not correct. Be a good member of the kinder army and side with the former.  

It’s true, Vermont for sure has a healthy embarrassment of riches when it comes to being able to drink cider, and some of the best of the best come from this very state. And, that’s not just me writing things on a computer. It’s truth.


So, we’re currently in the midst of Vermont Cider Week, which will culminate in the fact that you’ll be able to meet a good deal of the people who actually make these cider as they’ll be in the taproom this SATURDAY to meet you. Yes, you specifically. This will happen all day Saturday so don’t rush but if you want to meet the cider folks you should shoot for late afternoon.


Over the week (and for the majority of Saturday) we’ll have offerings from a good number of these folks which include but are not limited to: Boyden Valley, Champlain Orchards, Eden, Citizen Cider, Woodchuck, Stowe Cider, Shacksbury and more (and more is not a place that makes cider – it means “and more”).


I just realized that I should have alphabetized that list so it doesn’t look like we’re playing favorites because we’re not; I love everyone equally. So, stop sending gifts.


For those that have come to read these emails and expect some sort of crazy stream-of-consciousness type ramble I’m super sorry to be so serious. You see, I really wanted to make sure that you all knew about the cider event this Saturday and the fact that it’s Cider Week right now and I’m trying to be as upfront and succinct about it so that it doesn’t get lost in my mental fodder that often happens when I sit down and attempt to sculpt these pieces of genius. But, it’s really hard. It’s really hard to not think about William Tell and putting someone up against a tree and shooting arrows at an apple upon that person’s head hopefully hitting said apple because an apple a day keeps the doctor away only if the first person’s aim is correct otherwise you’ll probably have to see a doctor or at least someone you kind of trust to dislodge the errant projectile from your cranium. And it’s hard not to think about that time in the movie Stand By Me where that child ate all of that pie and then got very sick and about the fact that those pies had nothing to do with apples so why are you even thinking about that in the first place? But it had something to do with apples and then THIS pops into your head because you and I are the same now, we’re riding the same wave like surfers do and like other plankton that you really can’t see does but they’re totally there because how else would there be fish? Because cider! Napa Valley! That’s where we are!



[breathes heavy – breathing eventually calms in a very slow manner over a quite long period of time]


Ok, I’m back.



Well, wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something (that’s Plato and that came into my head because if people are comparing us (the Royal “us”) to the Napa Valley of Cider I think we should take a step back and really think about that because comparing us to the “Lost City of Atlantis But Found” would be much better and Plato would have a lot of things to write about that) and it’s a good thing this is all in my head otherwise you’d think me a fool, which I’m not.










In addition to the ciders that we will have for you this week we will also have beer. That’s kind of our modus operandi and, as you can tell, we don’t like abbreviations.


So, keep your eyes out for the following:

  • The return of Edward.
  • Lost Nation House Pale Ale: I haven’t tried this one yet but I am extremely interested in doing so. It’s their house pale ale but I think you already knew that.
  • We still have some Peche left if you hurry.
  • Ciders, we’ll have ciders.



Ok, I have to go.


Be good while I’m gone?










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