Let’s get one thing straight: yes, I was in a foreign country last week and that is why you were blessed with Wes’ fanciful linguistics and that is why you’re reading my words once again this week. Well, the second part of that sentence isn’t really part of “one thing” at all because it’s an entirely different facet altogether but this is where you’ve known me in the past to regress and all I’m really trying to do is get you to forget the fact that I was in a foreign country (which shall remain nameless – Wes did a great job of not actually saying where I was (which shall remain a secret which is another way of saying “nameless”)) so that you’re not too jealous because being jealous wouldn’t really help you since I’m back anyway and we’re just about the same distance from the sun now and I’m just as cold as you are if not more since that protective layer of skin that you grow to handle the cold has now been swept up by the ether that is the gigantic star that we seem to worship.  

Now that you’ve been sufficiently brainwashed by my mastering use of the English language (I assure you that everything that I write is completely accurate as far as grammar is concerned) we can move on to the most important news that I have for you this week:


This Saturday is #PECHEDAY!


[One of these days I'm going to learn the internet. I had a really cool info graphic here that was all like "I'm a really cool looking graphic over here!" and I liked it but it didn't get "pasted" when I tried to "copy" and "paste" it from the original way that I write this. Let's move right along then.]



So, these are the “deets:”



From the moment that we open our doors on Saturday (which is Noon – Eastern) we will have four (4!) different versions of the famous Peche Mortel made by our friends at Dieu Du Ciel! For those of you that love Imperial Stouts made with Coffee this sentence is an indicator for you to start paying attention. Here’s what we’ll have on tap:


You know, I was (and did – then I erased it) going to try and be funny about what we’re going to have but it downplayed what we’re actually going to serve, so, here’s what I received from the Brewery to talk to you about.





Imperial Coffee Stout, 9.5%

Péché Mortel (French for "Mortal Sin") is an intensely black and dense beer with very pronounced roasted flavours. Coffee is infused during the brewing process, intensifying the bitterness of the beer and giving it a powerful coffee taste. Péché Mortel is brewed to be savored; we invite you to drink it with moderation.



Imperial Coffee Stout, 9%

Unlike the regular version that uses two different coffees from Mexico, the Péché Mortel 2015 Special Edition has been brewed with a single origin coffee from Kenya, chosen
in collaboration with Jean-François Leduc from St. Henri cooperative in Montreal. Lightly roasted, it provides a fruity and anise taste to the beer, supplemented by acidity and dark chocolate aromas.



Coffee Stout, 6%

The Péché Véniel 2015 is a light version of the classic Péché Mortel and has been brewed with a single origin brown coffee, chosen in collaboration with Jean-François Leduc from St. Henri cooperative in Montreal. It presents aromas of roasted malt, caramel, vanilla and nuts.



Imperial Coffee Stout aged in Bourbon barrels, 9.5%

This version of the classic Péché Mortel was aged in oak barrels that previously hosted Bourbon. This treatment gives a woody and pronounced flavor of oak and Bourbon to the beer. As it ages, the oak softens and the coffee fades, revealing a vinous character.


See? That was better than my words and besides, they must have the “ ‘ “ thing on their keyboards because I can’t find that accent anywhere.


Include the fact that our kitchen is going to crush you with poutine and cheesecake and I just blew your mind. That’s the way to do it, you know, subtly mention something at the end of a long point and then all of a sudden people go like “WHAT?!?! DID HE JUST SAY POUTINE AND CHEESECAKE MADE WITH PECHE MORTEL!?!” And then I’m all like, “Ah-yup.”


That’s the deal folks. We’ll obviously have other beers on tap. However, those are the four that I really needed to tell you about this week so that we can get back to being completely irrelevant next week. Promise…



Cheers and we’ll see you here!


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