I remember it as though it were a meal ago. There comes a time in everyone’s life where it’s time for you to purchase your very first piece of music. Well, I’m pretty sure everyone gets to that point or at least quasi-close to it if you listen to music at all but I’ve heard that there are those who don’t really listen to music at all so this whole paragraph and the subsequent ones are probably going to be lost on you. Music was a really big thing for me growing up.

I believe it was the late 80s when I first walked into the Princeton Record Exchange located in the very apt named town in the state of New Jersey. I was there because I had a gift certificate to the store given to me by probably a relative and I was sent to acquire my very first “tape” as I’d been given a “tape player” for some sort of holiday (it was, as the 80s suggestion would matter, SO nice).

So there I was, surrounded by the likes of THIS (which I do love me some Mr. Joel) and THIS (Classic – especially in headphones) and THIS (karaoke staple) and THIS (first concert EVER – Philly Spectrum) and then there’s always THIS and everyone knew THIS jam and then again, THIS was in pretty heavy rotation at some point in my life (not by me, by the WORLD).

But I didn’t grow up with any of that.

When I was given this “player” I was also “gifted” a three pack of greatest hits cassettes that my grandfather bought (they were probably free with a full tank or something) at a Hess station. It was HER, HIM and HIM.

That was more my style but I was looking for something more.

That’s when I found THIS. Quite arguably the greatest Jazz Album of all time. Yes, I was REALLY into Jazz as a youth and that is basically giving you a lot to think about if you know me at all outside of our weekly soapbox experiment. Especially THIS song; it changed me.

I know there’s more out there. I know there’s a lot of Jazz to be mentioned but that was it for me. You could have kept all of your Madonnas and Michaels and Escape Clubs and Bill Oceans. I stuck with Jazz.

That is, until I got really heavy into THIS, and then THIS happened and I went into a million different personalities from there.

All of this is fun but what I’m getting to is the fact that we have an INCREDIBLE Jazz outfit playing here this Saturday and I’m psyched. They’re going to go on a little earlier this time (like 9:30ish) and set up so that we can see them through the front of the window but if you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you’re missing out. The band is Geza Carr, Rob Morse and Parker Shper. If you haven’t heard these gentlemen yet I can assure you that it’s basically the cream of the Jazz crop all playing together in out tiny little Taproom; truly a pleasure and honor. All of that was maybe a little anti-climactic for you after clicking on all of those links but let me assure you, those guys will make up my shortcomings.

Ok, I’ll talk about beer now.

I should first tell you that our Cider and Artisan paired dinner last Sunday went EXTREMELY well and you should keep your eyes peeled for the fact that we’re going to be doing one with Hermit Thrush in the month of December, so, we’ll be doing that and you should stay tuned because keeping your eyes peeled might hurt.

Right, beer!

Now, on to Cider. We’re going to be pouring Urban Farm Fermentory’s Basil and Pink Peppercorn Cider pretty soon and if you’re like me you’re probably thinking that it’s going to be a cider made with basil and pink peppercorns so that’s probably what it’s going to taste like.

Now, on to BEER!

Some of the beauties that we have lined up for you are as follows but are not limited to:

  • Frost Autumnal Just Pale Ale: it’s like they took their normal “Just Pale Ale” and brewed it with rye, adding a slightly spicy character to the beer and rounding out the profile. It’s just like that.
  • Hill Farmstead Abner: it’s kind of like a double IPA and kind of like the greatest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth ever in your life ever.
  • Foley Brother’s Pieces of Eight: I’m not sure how much draft you’re going to find of this beer partly because I don’t work in their brewery and wasn’t in charge of that facet but I’m willing to bet there’s not much as of right now. It’s a double IPA as well and it’s very good.
  • Schilling Belgo-Galaxy: our FIRST ability to be able to let you try the wares of this smaller producer of fine multi - style beers from one of my favorite towns, Littleton, Nuevo Hampshire. It’s a take on Belgian Pale ale made with Galaxy hops. We’re excite.
  • Lagunitas Daytime Sour Mashed: what they did (the proverbial “they”) was “soured” (hot-side souring to be a little more technical about it) their Session IPA. I believe hilarity ensued and then we got one for you to try.

Cool. That’s about it from me for you for this week.

I hope you’re all smiling lots and keeping on keeping on.

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