Three great events you should know about coming up in April here at Three Penny Taproom.  First, we'll be having a fundraising event this Thursday (OK, OK, that's still March, but work with me here).  In resonse to the disaster in Japan we'll be featuring our favorite Japanese brewery, Hitachino, and donating a portion of all sales of Hitachino beers right back to the brewery- who have temporarily suspended brewing operations in order to bottle water for their friends and neighbors.

Second, our "You Can't Get That Here" beer and cheese pairing in early March was such a huge success we've decided to do it again.  As the name suggests, we'll be pairing some amazing beers that can't normally be had here in Vermont with some world-class cheeses that, also, aren't typically available in the area.  It's all going down on Sunday, April 17 from noon to 2:00.  The event in first-come-first-serve, costs $40 a person, and requires you to sign-up and pay in advance. 

Finally, be sure to mark your calandars for the Second Annual Montbeerlier Festival to mark our second anniversary.  Live music, house-made sausages, over a dozen rare and exciting casks, and tons of good times.  If you made it to last year's party, you'll remember we had a sligh