Greetings-  So, our "office" at the taproom is still down for the moment.  I have taken over Wes' office to blast this little ditty off to you all....  This week we are continuing the process of completing the work next door.  Andy Suits (of ASAP Painting) has turned the ceiling, as well as the sprinkler pipes and heating conduit, silver...and it looks amazing!!!  Our tankless Hot Water systems are installed, and our new furnaces will be up and at 'em by the end of the week.  Eyrich, and his killer crew, are starting to add some cool finishing touches, and we could not be happier with their work and progress!!  Shawn Isham, with IE Electric, is powering the whole project up, and has worked closely with Matt to compose the lighting solutions for our new space, as well as our "old" space.  You all will definitely be pleased when you see what we have in store for you.  I have promised in the past few emails to keep you aware of any possible closures, so here you go.... As history tells us, Monday Holidays are never a bustling time for the TPT.  We had planned on closing this coming Monday, for Memorial Day, so we hatched a plan to also close on Sunday, and get a few things a NEW FLOOR!!!  We feel as though just closing for one Sunday wouldn't put too much of a dent in your plans to drink craft beer at TPT, just promise you will be drinking craft beer somewhere else, ok? On tap now, you will find our favorite American version of the classic German Summer Beer, Hefeweizen!!!  Stoudt's Heifer-N-Wheat will only be here for a limited time, so now is your chance to come in and give it a shot.  From Hill Farmstead this week, we have Citra, Edward, Abner, and soon What is Enlightenment?!  Rumor has it, we will be procuring a keg of Bitburger Pils for your drinking pleasure later in the week, as the temperatures remain unseasonably high!  We hope this blast finds you well, and we are getting really anxious to expose the world to the new and improved Three Penny Taproom!!!



Scott, Wes & Matt