As we frantically move through renovations and the like next door in anticipation of a mid-June grand opening (knock on wood) for our dining room we find ourselves at the point of having to pass along this little note: caution- chaos ahead!  About a week or so before when we were expecting it, this morning our contractor said "If it would work for you, we'd really like to close off your kitchen space and begin renovating that area today or tomorrow."  And so, our food menu is now slimmed down to a few snack items (for our longtime regulars it may look familiar: an olive bowl, a nut bowl...).  Matthew does have some fresh inventory and quite a few tricks up his sleeve, so don't expect sandwiches and a few other items to be completely gone for the next few weeks, but as it stands the old kitchen (er, "kitchen" is more like it) is on it's way out and our new, full-sized kitchen will not be on-line and ready to go until the wall is busted open and we're ready to seat folks for meals; meaning our food offerings over the next few weeks are going to be sporadic and a bit unpredictable. Likewise, there will likely be a handful of days during the coming few weeks in which we have to delay opening for a few hours, and even some days when we won't be able to open at all (lets hope we see very few of the latter!).  We'll do our best to keep you informed through social media (Facebook & Twitter), but such disruptions are largely out of our hands and pretty hard to schedule with much advance notice, as there are just so many moving parts (carpenters and painters and plumbers and electricians and sprinkler installers and midgets and Lakers fans and, geez, just a whole mess of crazy folks doing who knows what over there in the former Miller Sports)..... we really appreciate your patience and understandimg through it all, and we hope you take solace (as we do) in knowing that once we get to the other side of this all, Three Penny Taproom is going to be bigger and way, way better than ever!!!

As one of my all-time favorite philosophers said, "Anarchy is organization, organization, organization..." (Peter Kropotkin)