It’s been nearly a year since we expanded and began offering full dining room services here at Three Penny Taproom.  As with our approach to everything we do, we have been learning as we go and have kept our eyes and ears open to what has worked, what has needed some work, and most importantly, what you are looking for.


In response to what we have seen ourselves and heard from listening to you, we are implementing some changes.  Most immediately, we now wish to welcome you to have a seat in the dinning room-side and to do so without being asked to order food; grab a drink at the bar and find any seat you like, or just sit right down where you please and our wait-staff will take your drink order for you.  If you’re hungry, there’s food, but if not, just enjoy! 


In our initial vision of our expansion, we saw the bar-side of Three Penny as it is and always has been: a boisterous and social space where friends and co-workers and strangers alike gather to enjoy themselves over some of the world’s best beers and most skillfully crafted cocktails; we envisioned a complimentary but somewhat separate restaurant in the dining room side where a slightly more intimate experience over food would be the focus.   During the past year we have learned that what most of you really wanted from our expansion was that same boisterous and social experience that we have always provided- you just want more room to do it in.


Over the next week we will also will be changing the look of our menu accordingly in order to reflect more of a “pub” atmosphere than a formal dinning experience.  We hope you find the new direction of our menu to be more accessible, yet up to the same standards of quality products and flavors that you have come to expect from us.  Our commitment to using fresh, local products whenever feasible has not changed, nor has our focus on serving great tasting food meant to enhance- and be enhanced by- the award winning selection of beers which we are so proud to offer.  Our guiding motto- “Craft food for craft beer”- remains the motivation for all that what we do.


As always, thanks for your continued support.  We appreciate greatly hearing your feedback and comments on your experiences here.  We count ourselves as incredibly fortunate to be a part of what is unquestionably one of the greatest communities in the country.


Cheers, Matt, Scott and Wes