Alas we've arrived at the week in between the two cliche weeks. And, you can bet your bottom dol/ok, I'll stop. I hope this blast finds you all dressed in your skimpiest of clothing and opening fire hydrants to jump through the cascading waterfall like little children playing in the cool open refresher. I pretty sure non of you are actually doing that. It would be like an extreme polar bear club or something and I'm sure your doctor wouldn't recommend it (neither would the fire department). In all seriousness (or as serious as I ever get), I hope you, dear reader (does anyone get that reference?), are keeping yourselves and your loved ones huddled together for warmth or at least wearing publicly acceptable sleeping bags that look just like jackets. And, don't forget your mittens.

In order to entice you from your masses of huddled covers I'm keeping this memorandum rather short (or as short as I can be - I tend to have good posture) and I just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know what's going down on the beer train for this week, leading into the next.

So, dear reader (still?), here are your carrots/bunnies to wheedle you towards our doors:

The Alchemist El Jefe: We've talked about this, you and I. And, the good folks of the Yukon (d.b.a Waterbury, Vermont) have granted us more. So, if you've ever wanted to try this India Black Ale (Black IPA to those keeping score at home - that would be an 8 in the cross-section and a 4 in the dandy hoff) you will have the opportunity soon; like, now. Allow this to be your coaxer.

Founders Imperial Stout: "stout" has many meanings, as you know. It's like the many different ways you can use the word "bear/bare." Well, this is very "stout" indeed. VERY viscous in it's ability to seduce your belly.

Lagunitas IPA: An example of what a "standard" is from our friends out in the California land. Not unlike jazz "standards" where the overall "themes" are similar yet there are different variations of the "song" since there's a lot of "improvisation" going on. All in all, it's a killer IPA (India PALE Ale) and it's enough of a lure to attach to a hook.

Hill Farmstead Abner: wait for it, kittens. We'll put it on as soon as we get it and as soon as we think you've waited long enough.

Zero Gravity Ourbier: what have we learned, in the past, from our friends up at the Zero Gravity? Well, we learned that everything that they make is spot on for the style and this one is no different. This Belgian Ale of dramatic proportions will be the toll that buys smiles.

And, lastly, I will inveigle you to try Smuttynose's Big A IPA when we have it on. In my most humble opinion, Smuttynose is the brewing company that doesn't get the big hype that most others do. It could be because they've been crushing it for so long that in our hest to find the next new thing we've forgotten the lurking giant in the corner. This Double IPA is as good as they come and I've lined up a couple of other specialties from them that you may have not had in a while so that you may taste the awesomeness that accompanies their wake.

Alright folks, bah-deep bah-deep bah-deep and all that jazz.


Mary Anne Evans d.b.a George Eliot d.b.a Three Penny Taproom