This is going to be everything you’ll need to know about the Allagash event tomorrow night.  


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Here you go.



This is what we will have on tap starting right when we open Thursday until they run out (click on the names of the beers to go into greater detail straight from the mouths of horses):


- Allagash 2016 Fluxus: So, at the base of the beer we have a Saison that’s made with ginger. But, the beer spent some time on barrels that previously housed Caledonia Spirits’ Tom Cat Gin. That’s the element of surprise right there and we’ll have a Tom Cat cocktail special to go along with it because we like our friends up at Caledonia.


- Allagash One T: That’s one that you should click on because it goes into better detail about how beer used to be transported and how hops were added as a preservative and sometimes wild yeasts would invade the barrels and you’d get a slightly soured beer that’s also very hoppy so they wanted to replicate this experience and made a hoppy beer and fermented it with brettanomyces claussenii, which gives the beer a more tropical sourness if you can even call it sour. I guess you don’t have to click on the link anymore but you should.


- Allagash Ghoulschip: pretty psyched to have this on tap and it probably won’t be for too long me thinks. Ghoulschip is a resident microflora beer made with molasses and local (to them) pumpkins. Meaning, they brew a beer with molasses and pumpkins and then, while still hot, they pump it into their coolship (play on words going on – just so you’re aware) where the wort (unfermented beer) cools overnight and is inoculated with any and all yeasties that are already present in the atmosphere. It then spend up to three years in barrels only to be blended with 3, 2 and 1 year old versions ultimately resulting into the beer you’re going to drink. Fun.



And for the bottles:


- Allagash Hive 56: A dark sour beer made with honey and aged on oak.

- Allagash Tiarna: A blended beer one part wild fermented and one part Belgian yeast strain fermented. Dark golden in color.


- Allagash James & Julie: Their take on a Flemish Sour Brown, fermented with various yeast strains and aged, as you can have guessed by now, in oak.


- Allagash Farm to Face: It starts out as a house fermented beer and then, for their secondary fermentation, they add a whole host of yeasties and peaches. Basically drinks like you’re biting into a peach.





And Allagash Ben will be here with some great things to give away!


Everything will be available all day long so get here early and often.



That’s what I got for you today dudes and dudettes!