The following is the things that we have coming up on draft and otherwise but everyone around here knows it as a WRITE UP FOR YOU PEOPLE WHO SHOULD STAY OFF MY LAWN!:


True things – we have an event coming up in a couple of weeks that I’m going to go into great detail about in the coming aforementioned weeks and it’s with EXHIBIT A brewery out of Framingham, MA. We’re super psyched to have our longtime friend Matt in the house with a bunch of his wares for you to oogle over. It’s on August 19th and he’ll be here from 4-6 so you should be too. Stay tuned to the social media things and you’ll be informed as well as I.


Also true – this Thursday through Sunday we’re going to be doing a bottle sale of sorts (which, some people call it a “Fire” sale whereas they’re probably the same people who call a garage sale a “tag” sale). We’ll have a bunch of our bottles available for basically very close to what we paid for them because we want to see you sitting in our bar sharing beers, that’s kind of what it’s all about.



All that truth aside, here’s some total lies that I get to tell today (kidding about most of that):



Almanac Sunshine & Opportunity: we’ve had it before and it’s a perfect sour for this time of year. It’s a soured (read: mixed fermentation with Saison/Brettanomyces/Lactobacillus yeasties) aged in Oak Barrels and then dry hopped before packaging. That’s a lot to write on a board so it’ll just read “Oak Aged Hoppy Sour.” The Dry hops are Citra.


Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #4: Double IPA with Citra and Galaxy hops: Citra = basically orange peel/tangerine pith and Galaxy = Tropicana. Put them together and what do you get? Beer. You get a Double IPA from Hill Farmstead.


Zero Gravity Hopfenweisse: Imagine a beer teetering on the brink of being a Hefeweizen (more in depth later – it’ll get you to read this) but way too hoppy and using the hop Equinox; a very tropical hop.


Lawson’s Finest Idaho 7: this is a single hop IPA (Idaho 7 is the hop) that kind of walks the same line as Mosaic in my opinion. The flavor combinations (renderings) range from fruit gum to papaya to black pepper to tea and it’s really all in your palate to determine it. Most people love this hop. There are those that do not but they will be in the minority.


Hill Farmstead Walden: American Blonde Ale. There’s a good dose of our favorite hops (Motueka/Amarillo/Simcoe) in here all wrapped up in a 4% Blonde Ale, which basically means that it’s Blonde in color, light in body and crisp. This is no different. I would drink four gallons of this and not share.


Kent Falls Pineapple Juicemaker: Brett Fermented IPA with Pineapples. I’ve heard really good things about this brewery and this should be pretty good. I brought in a couple of different kinds from them and, well, they should be good. Imagine a very hoppy offering with a little tartness to it and the juiciness from the pineapple.


Alesmith Vietnamese Speedway Stout: Cellared (it’s from 2016) Imperial Stout made with Vietnamese Coffee. I think I’ve written enough in the past about what these taste like and don’t have to ever again.


Idletyme Bavarian Weizen: Hefeweizen. The name says it all here: Hefe means “yeast” and Weizen means “wheat.” So, it will have a cloudiness to it, both derived from the yeast selection (a yeast that doesn’t flocculate as well as others after fermentation – which is intentional in this case) and the use of a high portion of wheat (which tends to stay in suspension in the beer because of the types of proteins it imparts – a lower portion of wheat can do wonders with head retention and body development). Overall, a wonderful summer beer, very refreshing.  We’re going to be pouring a blueberry version at some point so I can make as many Varuca Salt references as possible because I have a blueberry for a daughter.



That should be it.


Thank you.