Data Entry: Ten September Year Two Thousand Fourteen: Hour 18:24


Dearest Folks,


My confidante at the Taproom is getting really good at the Cryptograms that I keep sending them. Things seem to be going along in the normal manner that you’re accustomed to while I’m held up (not literally or even actually – the woods suit me like a tailored three piece) in the nature play land of Maine. I hope they get this next part correct because I have a bit of a surprise for you all.


On my weekly walk to the only public phone that I know of (think about it: how many public phones can you say that you know of right now? I’ve found one seventeen miles away from my camp and that took me a LONG time to find) I have secured something that might be of interest to you. Why? Because, that’s what I do. I secure things for your enjoyment. I think we’ve been over that. But I can’t just let you have it. I’m going to have to work some magic to get them to you since they are a hot commodity.


What I’m talking about is two tickets to Siptemberfest.


Yes, the festival with awesome beer and even better people.


Yes, it sold out this year in something ridiculous like thirty-two seconds (I might be making that up).


So, here’s how we’re going to do this:


That’s right: Marx Brothers Styyyyyyyyyyyyllllllle.


Here’s where you come in: Next Tuesday (September 16th 2014) come in to the bar and say the word “Sip! Sip!” to the Bartender (that’s the password – don’t be afraid to say it loud) and you’ll be given a ticket. Hold on to that ticket because we’re going to have a raffle of sorts to see who gets the pass for Siptemberfest. We will draw the winner at exactly 20:00 (8 PM EST). I hope you win. Because we love seeing your smiling faces, you’ll have to be present in order to win, it’s only fair that way.


That all being said; here’s a good teaser for what’s going to come on soon while you wait for next Tuesday:


Stillwater Premium: Think about an American Blonde Ale that’s fermented with a Farmhouse yeast (Saisonish) and then finished off for good measure with our good friend Brettanomyces (“wild” yeast). That’s what you’ve got here.


Allagash 2013 Fluxus: we love staying in a constant state of flux around here and, apparently, so does Allagash. Every year they mix up what their flux is going to be. In the year two thousand and thirteen they made a Porter with an Abbey style yeast and threw in blood orange zest for their good measure.


Shacksbury The Basque: a naturally fermented cider; much different than the ciders that you’re used to writing home about and super good in the taste category.


Hill Farmstead Friendship & Devotion: leave it to the folks of the Hill to make a citrusy and SALTY India Pale Ale. This thing is “off the hook” as the kids at some point made reference to in the past.


Zero Gravity Conehead: we’re bringing it back because you’ve asked us to and because we love you and your words. ZG’s (I’m all about abbrevs because whatevs) single hop wheat IPA is just lovely.



Obviously there’s more (you knew that) but that should get you warmed up and well oiled. We’ll see you here today and tomorrow and especially next Tuesday so that you can say “Sip! Sip!” (don’t be afraid to say it loud) to the bartender for your ticket that gets you a chance to win two tickets to the sold out Siptemberfest.


Did you get all of that Lance? Stop encryption. I hope you didn’t just decode that.




Include this:


Cheers Friends and be good to one another.


Les Stroud Taproom