Trying to come up with a theme for this week’s email was an arduous task for some reason. I just simply want to let you all know about the variety and crazy things that we have going on with our tap list right now but simply starting out with “variety is the spice of life” seemed like I could do better than just quoting some saying that is relatively regarded as attributed to anyone who has said something and had it recorded since the time period came around that someone cared enough to start recording things. So, I did what any normal luddite turned techie beginner would do: I asked my dear friend Mrs. Mr. Google if he/she had any answers for my quest to “spice” up that old saying. Just as I suspected, that saying (the “variety is the yada yada yada of yada yada yada”) is, in fact, attributed to a countless number of individuals. So, seeing that I couldn’t actually credit anyone, I turned to one of my most trusted advisors on the subject when it comes to making decisions. I turned to June Carter.


Before you think that I held a séance in order to talk to country music pioneer I should probably tell you that my fiancé and I named our dog June Carter. Her full name is June Carter Ann Cash Trason Kerner but we call her June Carter for short (and, to the hilarity that is our daily lives, all dogs get gassy from time to time (as they’re want to do) so her name slides effortlessly into being June Farter for that time being). So then I posed, once again, to my friend Mrs. Mr. Google if he/she knew of any quotes or sayings by the human June Carter that could help me out in the replacing of the “variety” quote so that I could actually quote someone that I wanted to, rather than just pulling blindly from the masses. Turns out, she said something of note for my need.


June Carter, the human with the voice of gold, once said, “every dog has its day, unless it breaks its tail, then it has a weakend.”


It was close enough to start telling you about the crazy “variety” that we have on tap for you this week leading into the next week.


Leading off I can totally tell you about the Allagash Interlude that I just love so much. It’s a beer that begins its life as a Farmhouse Ale (think a more rustic and fuller bodied Saison) and then gets the Brettanomyces (wild yeast) treatment in red wine barrels.


Then I can tell you about the Bermuda Triangle from our friends at Zero Gravity. They can make stouts, that’s for sure, but why not sour that stout with healthy bugs and then age the beer on dates. And, for good measure, why not make it a Foreign Extra Stout, giving it a little bit less of a body (making it more drinkable) than an Oatmeal Stout and less alcohol of a Russian Imperial.


After that I can mention the Rico Sauvin from Against the Grain Brewery out of Kentucky. It’s an IPA made with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. Those there hops impart a very unique fruitiness that can be associated with that of white wine.


And that’ll lead me to talking about this awesome beer from across the pond named Liquid Mistress from Siren Brewing. When it was billed as an “Amber IPA” I was a little skeptical since that could mean a whole host of different things. Firstly, is it just an IPA that’s amber in color? Or is it more of an ESB in body and mouth feel with a little bit of hops thrown in? Well, this is quite possibly the finest, most true to style “Amber IPA” I’ve ever had. It’s true to both styles. It has the bready character associated with Amber ales yet still retains the punch of the hops. Truly a wonder of nature this ever predator.


Oh yeah, we’re just about to put the Lost Nation Gose back on. You know, that coriander and salt kiss ale made with a high portion of wheat? You keep asking for it, I’ll keep bringing it in.


Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention Hill Farmstead’s Simcoe single hop pale ale that’s coming up. But, well, THE Hill’s (kind of like THE Ohio State when mentioned by athletes or at least that’s how I just pronounced it in my head) offerings don’t really need mentioning. You know how good they are. Plus, they go so fast I hate getting people’s hopes up.


That’s going to lead me through seamless transition into talking about how I’m now looking for a way to end this email since I could (as you know) go on and on and on and on. I decided to take a break from quoting Willy Wonka this week but if you’d like me to get back on that craft, I’d be happy to. Researching Willy Wonka is pretty fun.


Anyways, I hope you’re all making it through this winter and smiling lots and I hope your days are filled with joy and craftiness.


Until then,


The Man in Tap.