Many of you who have actually been in our establishment over the years (I imagine that it’s most, if not all of you) may have noticed that throughout the changes that occur with life our pink elephant has moved.  

If you didn’t notice or weren’t aware of the pink elephant in the past then you’re probably going to look for it now. At least, one would assume.


Why do we have a pink elephant?



Why don’t you have a pink elephant?




Here’s the story: I sculpted the pink elephant in elementary school as a side project for the science fair because I had to. I did my project in the second grade on mixed fermentation cultures of wild yeast strains and the city (I was born in a city), more importantly the school itself was not keen on a four year old (I skipped a couple of grades – more like I was younger than my age) doing alcoholic fermentations for a science fair project because of the rise in alcoholism associated with such scientific processes. Alcoholics, I researched, were said to see pink elephants and blue mice but the mouse that I sculpted didn’t really look like a mouse (I had smaller hands than I do now). The pink elephant came out great though. And, it’s been with me ever since.


If that story had been true I wouldn’t need to tell you what really happened.


When we first opened the doors to the Taproom we had not much to work with, just a couple of stools and some beer and some spirits and, well, you. It worked.


A little bit into our exisitence (the bar – not our spiritual journey) we obtained a singular tower with a really fun devise that we could put a glass upside down on and it would shoot water into the glass, giving it a quick rinse before we put beer in it. The company that supplied us with the tower makes the beer Delirium Tremens. These fancy devices are everywhere now and they very well should be. We have three now because we do everything in threes. We have three now because we do everything in threes. We have three now because we do everything in threes.


On top of the tower there was nothing.


In the box that the tower came in had a lot of pink ceramic pieces that, when painstaking put together over the next three weeks with no sleep it kind of resembled an elephant. That’s when the connection was made. Delirium Tremens is another word (or words, or description, or diagnostic explanation) for the shaking associated with alcoholic withdraw. It’s said to be violent. So, naturally, the folks who made the beer called Delirium Tremens would want a pink elephant associated with their beer. However, the long voyage from Belgium didn’t do the ceramic elephant any favors and we requested another one; one that was intact.




Fast forward three years later.



Wow. It’s been three years?!?!


Time flies.



One day I was outside cleaning something (I’m always cleaning things) and the friendly neighborhood UPS woman came up and handed me a box. I wondered what was in the box. I told her my last name and went back to cleaning something because I’m always cleaning something. When I went inside I opened the box.


There were papers wrapped around an object. I pealed the layers back one by one because I like being dramatic. Without warning, without any sense of a premeditated “heads up” or anything of the sort, there was the elephant.



He was intact.



So, we put him (or her) atop her (or his) rightfully awaiting home and there she (he) sat for about two more years until we got new coolers for the beer and didn’t need that tower any more because the new coolers all had those glass bursters built into them.



But we kept the elephant. It had taken him (her) so long to get to where he (she) needed to be, there was no way that we were going to let her (him) just leave.



She’s (he’s) not that hard to find. He’s (She’s) facing the door in the bar side. Stop in and say “hi.”


If you lick her eyes THIS may or may not happen to you.



Here’s the beers to keep her (him) company this week:


- Lost Nation Mosaic: if you like mosaic hops in your beers then you might want to try this one out as it’s got a lot of those hops. Actually, those are the only hops that are in this single hop IPA. If you don’t know if you like mosaic hops are not you might want to try this beer and find out.


- Burlington Beer Company [probably one of my favorite names for a beer ever] It’s Complicated Being A Wizard: Double IPA from the state that is famous for making Double IPAs and this fits into the spectrum of really good Double IPAs.


- Idletyme Vanilla Porter: It’s getting to be that time of year where I start bringing in darker beers and sometimes they have flavorings with them. This is one of those instances. At the base, it’s a really solid porter and the vanilla that they’ve brewed it with is high quality, which means that the vanilla aspect fits as opposed to it either being over or under whelming. It’s a really solid take on the style.


- Foundation Epiphany: for those looking for this beer I’ll let you know where you can find it; a highly sought after Double IPA from Portland, Maine.




And many more!





I’ll chat with you next week folks.