“You’re older and that makes you more betterer.”


That’s the conversation I have about once a month with the kegs that we have been aging for you. Now, I’m not going to let you think that I’ve lost my squash and that the kegs talk back; they do not, no matter how long you wait for them to just say something already. That’s just what I tell them. With beer (Craft Beer that is) age is a crucial component that often times gets overlooked. Age could play a factor in how long a brewery/brewer has been making beer. Usually, in order to truly master something there is a requirement for putting in a lot of time to get to know the idiosyncrasies and nuances of a particular craft (although, it can be said that “To the Master His (or Her) Own Technique”). Alternatively, age plays a major factor in a beer’s development. Often times, with bigger beers or beers that have the ability to do so (hoppy beers; look away. I’m not talking to you.), age will allow a beer to truly blossom. Sure, there’s certain styles of beers that should be drank as fresh as humanly possible (hoppy beers; you can pay attention now) but for this time of year and the winter to come, our patience will be your reward.


What in the Sam Hill am I talking about? We aged beers for you. That’s what. For example, the Southern Tier Cuvee 3 that was brewed in 2011? That bigness that comes with a Barley Wine aged in Oak is now perfectly balanced and drinking beautifully. Oh, and that 2011 Life and Limb 2 from the powerhouses of Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada? All that maple and birch syrup that tend to be a little harsh at the beginning? Well, they’re playing together just fine now. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be showcasing these beers that we’ve kept from you for you. And, we think you’ll like them when we wake them from their slumber.


Aside from all of that, here’s some other good stuff we got going on right now (or coming up):


Zero Gravity R Prime: an absolutely delicious American IPA from our friends up in BTown. Super fresh as it should be.

Abbaye De Rocs Grand Cru: an absolutely beautiful Belgian Strong Ale from, well…Belgium.

Lawson’s Finest Hopzilla: calm down. We get ours at the end of the week and we put it on as soon as we possibly can because it should be drank fresh and we like you.

Artesano Sparkling Cranberry Mead: our first foray with our friends right down the road! The good folks at Artesano make some incredible Meads and we’re psyched to have on it tap!

Sierra Nevada Porter: this is proof of that mastery that I was talking about. An absolutely perfect Porter.


There’s so much more than that but you’ll just have to bust a move in here to check it out. This message was brought to you by the letter H and the number 11 (because that part of me will never age).


Cheers Friends!


Oldie McYoungerpants Taproom.