If you happen to find yourself within the friendly confines of Three Penny (and if you’re reading this, chances are you probably either LOVE me or you LOVE Three Penny – that’s just a hunch) you may notice that for the price of an Edward, you can get a Burger. It’s a PT Farms Grass Fed Beef Burger that’s called the Flatburger (it’s cooked on a flat top as opposed to the other burgers that we have, which are done on the grill) and it comes with some fries on the side and some TPT sauce right on there for a whopping $6. Go ahead, make it a double. Go ahead, get a bunch to go. Go ahead and move west young man. Do all the things.


This burger was made for you and me.


You know what pairs really well with our Flatburger?



You walked right into that one:







Here’s what you’ll probably see this week moving forward…



ON TAP AS OF THIS MORNING Hermit Thrush Rye Barrel Rye: the base beer is a Sour Rye Ale that’s been aged in Saxton River’s Maple Rye whiskey barrels for a bunch of months. So, you’ll have a sour and tart base with a little “heat” from the whiskey. Rye whiskey tends to have a little more bite than “regular” whiskey (whatever that is).


von Trapp Bohemia: Czech style pilsner. Soft and flowery.


Hill Farmstead Anna: a really lovely Farmhouse/FarmsteadAle made with honey. So, there’s going to be that awesome tart profile that you get with Hill’s Saisons with a little hint of honey thrown in there for the [bleep] of it.


Hill Farmstead Abner: American Double IPA. Gold Standard. Hoppy like it should be.


Zero Gravity Strawberry Moon: a Sour Ale made with over 600 pounds of local Strawberries. I’m going to spoil this for you: you know those little seeds on the fruit of the strawberry (why is that [bleep]ing word so hard to type?), that’s what it’s going to taste like. Generally, when you add strawberries to something (let’s face it, we’re talking about beer), those seeds are the taste that comes through.


Idletyme Bavarian Weizen: Hefeweizen. The name says it all here: Hefe means “yeast” and Weizen means “wheat.” So, it will have a cloudiness to it, both derived from the yeast selection (a yeast that doesn’t flocculate as well as others after fermentation – which is intentional in this case) and the use of a high portion of wheat (which tends to stay in suspension in the beer because of the types of proteins it imparts – a lower portion of wheat can do wonders with head retention and body development). Overall, a wonderful summer beer, very refreshing.


ON TAP NOW!!! De Brabendere Bavik Super Pils: this’ll let me know if you’re reading these or not. We’re going to offer this beer in two different formats: it can either be served in 16 or 20 ounce glasses for $5 or $6 respectively. About the beer: It’s from Belgium. There’s this whole Belgian Beer Week thing going on so we’re putting this on because of that. But, being from Belgium is as Belgian as it gets. In actuality, it’s a German Style Pilsner made in Belgium. So, it’s going to have that lovely minerality to it that sets it apart from its’ Czech counterparts.


Hill Farmstead Legitimacy: In the past we’re described this as an “IPA with Oats.” I hate to break it to you kittens; most IPAs are made with oats, I just got kind of sick of writing “American IPA” on the board. But, as far as an explanation, it’s an IPA with Oats (the addition of Oats adds to the body and aides with the head retention). I’ve always thought Legitimacy was much lighter than his other IPAs, a little airy.


Hill Farmstead Difference & Repetition: an American IPA made with Simcoe, Amarillo and Galaxy. Expect kiwi and orange and mango in the nose with a lingering hop finish.


Lord Hobo Glorious: apparently it’s the best beer to come out of Lord Hobo or the five or six people who have told me that already are totally [bleep]ing lying to me. If you tell me that it’ll make seven people. So, this is a Galaxy Pale Ale (although it’s higher in ABV than I would normally call a “Pale Ale” we’re going with it anyway). One would assume (I’m one) that it’s a single hop pale ale using Galaxy hops, which are super duper [bleep]ing juicy with huge aspects of tangerine and orange and grapefruit. I’m pretty pumped to get to try this as I haven’t yet and this’ll be my first time.


That should be it.


Thank you.