Central Vermonter's have been slightly transfixed of late on the David vs Goliath tale of Montpelier screen printer (and all 'round nice dude) Bo Muller-Moore.  For a the past few years, Bo has been making tee shirts and stickers with the simple message "Eat More Kale".  If you haven't found yourself in our neck of the woods these past couple years, let me help illustrate: these things are practically everywhere!  EMK stickers in Central Vermont are pretty much as ubiquitous as Grateful Dead stickers were in the mid and late 1980's; seriously, you can't throw a cat without hitting one of Bo's simple little shirts or stickers.

Always the savy entrepreneur, Bo realized that his very simple design needed to be trademarked, lest anyone with a the slightest of inclinations steal his design and put him out of his cozy little business (and I do mean cozy- it's a one man operation residing in the garage behind his house).  That's when Bo's troubles started.  It seems the talking suits at fast food fools Chic-Fil-A found Bo's trademark request entirely too confusing for their, er, slightly slow clientele- and they filed to block Bo's trademark claiming it was too similar to their massively stupid "Eat Mor Chikin" slogan.  As some of my links might have suggested- the story has gone national.

Now Bo is hard at work, selling more shirts and stickers than anyone could have ever dreamed, thanks to the national attention (and our collective OWS-tinged hatred of big corporations pushing around little guys and gals like we're mere flies in their multi-billion-dollar ointment) and the fact that kale is suddenly "the next beef".  Even Vermont's Governor decided to hitch his waggon to Bo's unstoppable train. 

Well, almost unstoppable.  As you can imagine, Bo has a serious legal fight in front of him, as giant corporations like Chic-Fil-A don't care (or have to care) too much about public opinion, so long as they can still meet their margins at the end of the quarter (as a side note about that- we have one friend living in Atlanta, corporate home to said fast food bullies, who went ahead and ordered an entire case- 1,000 or so- of Eat More Kale stickers; now Bo's whimsical little VT logo is on cars and bus stops all over Chic-Fil-A's house! ha!).  Just as we proudly poured Rock Art's Vermonster when they found themselves in a fairly similar legal battle with a corporate giant selling a completely different product, we're quite proud to be supporting Bo:

All day and night, Wednesday, December 14, we'll be donating 10% of every single sale we make to Bo and his legal fund.  That makes today an extra special day for coming down to Three Penny for one of the world's most finely crafted beers (and, yes, you guessed it, Chef Bilodeau has snuck some fresh, locally grown kale on to the menu as well!).

You'd think these corporate jackasses would figure it out and keep away from Vermonters and our cherished little guy entrepreneurs.  But apparently they haven't, and until they do- well, we'll just keep teaching them the hard way.