It’s called the beautiful game.


It’s the world’s game.


It is arguably the most basic of games to play; you only need a ball and a destination. 


It only happens once every four years and the world will be watching.


It’s the World Cup.



You might know us as being fans of the game of football/soccer (for the sake of argument, we’re going to (today) refer to the game as football since, well, you use your feet when you play it. Hence, our new petition to get American Football to have its name changed to “Throwball” since, well, you use your hands unless your job has its intention carved into your title (e.g. “punter” “place kicker”) so we’ll just go with that).


Yes, we will be showing ALL of the World Cup games on our televisions for your enjoyment. Yes, you should totally come in and root for your team. No, we will not judge you for who you root for while you’re here (within reason).  This is a game to involve all nations, all countries, and all walks of life.


We’re a little excited.


Just a little.


And by a “little” I mean “a tremendous amount and it’s kind of like saying that you can compare our excitement to something normal like how a guppy is just like the apex predator that just ate a nine foot great white shark we’ve been talking about as of late.” They’re the same thing, right?


They’re not.


Our excitement level is an apex predator that just ate a nine-foot great white shark.


Join us in our excitement (or at least tell me that I need to start reusing my thesaurus).


This is how you join in:


Print this bracket out (forgiveness for plagiarizing):


Fill it out.


Bring it and $10 to the bar and hand it to your friendly bartender.


Do this by the United States’ first game (next Monday at 6 Post Meridian).


That enters you into what I’m calling “Three Penny Taproom Does A Bracket For The World Cup And I Have A Chance To Win It” bracket (redundant) challenge.


All that aside, here’ what you can expect on tap (basically – you know very well that we change our draft list quicker than a football player is suddenly “fine” after writhing around on the pitch as if his leg has suddenly detached from his body only to get up and make a “miraculous” (announcer’s voice) effort to win the match):


-       I didn’t want to tell you that we have Hill Farmstead’s Mary on tap because it might be my favorite beer ever. It’s their Pilsner. That’s my favorite style. And, they do it WAY too well. So, please, don’t drink it. I want it. So just forget I just told you about it.

-       Stone Levitation went on recently and it doesn’t last long. You’d be hard pressed to find a more apt American Amber than this one.

-       Also, we have Oxbow’s Farmhouse Pale Ale on tap right now. It’s glorious.

-       Sixpoint Green Mountain Man will be on soon and you will like it. It’s Sixpoint’s love affair with the Green Mountain State (Vermont) to the effect that they used a lot of hops that were grown right here (Vermont). And, it’s a Double IPA. Who doesn’t love a Double IPA? Zlatan; that’s who.


Obviously, you know us well enough to know that there’s way more than that. I just wanted to give you a little taster.


So, print off the bracket, share this with your friendly friends and fill them in/get them to us and dream about what you’re going to do with all that money.


With love,


Taproom (get it? Kind of like Pele or Maradona or Messi or anyone else who can just go by one name. That’s what I was going for there.)