It’s impossible not to link this right here since forever ago when I came up with this week’s theme (this morning is forever ago to me) this song (of course) popped into my head and it doesn’t want to leave. You’ll see why the more you read and the more the song just cements itself as an anchor inside of your wormhole. Of course the second link takes you to the original version from the band that actually wrote the song but the first one is how I heard it first because I grew up in that era (the late 70s, early 80s, late 80s, early 90s, late 90s, middle 2000s and late November 2009). We have some new chalkboard marquees that we put up (I’m really going to try and not use the name of the song linked at all during our time together) recently that made me think about punctuation in a really bad way.

For instance: this.


There’s a joke somewhere that’s all like “punctuation saves!” Because someone writes, “Let’s eat Grandma” and then “Let’s eat, Grandma.”

Second: this.

I see this one almost everyday and there’s a couple of things that alarm me about this symbol; first, that dog isn’t on a leash. That must be a VERY well trained dog or one of the breeds that refuses to leave their human friend’s side while walking. Secondly, I don’t often walk around with an industrial scoop and large raking tool. Do you? I just use a catcher’s mitt and I assumed everyone else did too.

While we’re at it: this one too.

I was unaware that pedestrians could drive and still be referred to as pedestrians. Which is weird to me since I always thought “pedestrian” had its roots in the Latin word/phrase “Pedester” or “going on foot” with the suffix “–ian” which is a variant of the suffix “-an” which generally refers to a person. Therefore the “person” would be “going on foot” and not driving a vehicle. I’m so dumb sometimes.

But, all that being said, we now have a cipher in our dining room that can finally let all of you lovely diners know where your (and our) food is coming from. We’ve always used local farms for all of our food and that will never change but now you’ll get a chance to see which farms those are specifically. You can’t believe that I wrote this whole thing about a hieroglyph in our dining room that lets you know which farms we use. Well, it was way past the time that you should know that the food that you’re getting when you’re dining here is all super fresh and super “from the farm to your table.” And those farmers work MUCH harder than I do and we feel like every place that you’re going to eat food at should have a similar notice, agreed?

Another emblem that you’re all pretty used to at this point are the three chalkboards that have all of the beers that we have on tap written on them in white/yellow/red/blue/orange. Well, some of the following beers will see their place amongst the others fairly soonish:

  • Hill Farmstead Everett: American Porter made with puppy dog licks to the ears.
  • Crop Bistro Idletyme: an American Double IPA made with that feeling you get when you’re at a great concert and you can’t believe you just heard THAT.
  • Hermit Thrush Supah Phunk (their spelling not mine): a funky (as the name would imply) Saison made with unicorn smiles.
  • Off Color Apex Predator: a Farmhouse/Saison (take your pick) made with these things. SCARY!!!

And a whole lot more. Just make sure you pay attention to the characters in chalk form and you’ll always know what’s going on!


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