THIS is my brain today…  

…mostly because I’m sick (and never get sick so when I do get sick it’s kind of a big deal – big enough that I’m mentioning it) and mostly because I have thirty things to do and only fifteen holes with which to plug these things into.

That all being said, let’s just go over what you may or may not see on our draft list this week, leading into a week where I’m way more creative and funny (as if that ever happens).

Hill Farmstead Abner: it’s the one you always ask about if we have it on or not and are disappointed when we don’t have it but you won’t be upset anymore because we’ll have it on tap.

Smuttynose Smuttlabs Orville: a single hop (Falconer’s Flight is the hop – it makes sense) Saison that’s made to help out On the Wing Raptor Center, just down the road from the Smuttynose Brewery. Orville is the name of a Barred Owl that lives there. The beer itself is beautiful, just like an owl. It’s crystal clear and clean with a tropical punch from the hops and a nice earthly roundness from the yeast.

Upper Pass Moove on Up Stout: we like these guys and you’ll like this Coffee Milk Stout from them. Everything will be all right then.

The Oxford Comma: I have a degree in literature and I still can’t seem to like them.

Hill Farmstead Harlan: it’s an American India Pale Ale but we’re just going to call it an IPA for short, hopefully that catches on.

Idletyme Oatmeal Stout: a Stout made with OATS? Yes, that’s exactly what it is.

Again, sorry for being simple, I don’t have a lot of neurons firing on the same frequency today.

Warmest Regards,